Ways To Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating

Ways To Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating

We think it’s essential to update your home often, even if it isn’t a significant upgrade. We don’t want anything too big, but we don’t want something small, either. We’re not fans of subtlety; we want something that pops out at us, such as these fun ways to update your kitchen without renovating.

Update the Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t need to run to the hardware store for these easy tasks. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint upgrading cabinet pulls is sufficient enough. Here are a few ways to upgrade your kitchen without removing anything.

Cabinet Pulls

Instead of disposing of entire cabinet doors for new ones, replace the cabinet pulls. Doing this small thing can make a kitchen feel luxurious, and it even increases home value by showing the home’s personality in unique ways.

Sanding and Restaining

As your home ages, we need to keep up the maintenance. We might replace the cabinets with something new, but we can do something even better: sanding and restaining wood cabinets. By re-staining and sanding, you’re removing the leftover oily stains and uneven colors from the cabinets.

Applying Fresh Paint

Fresh paint can wake a home up and feel brand new. For example, when working on the cabinets in the kitchen, try using a new paint color to help bring out the beauty in the cabinets. Choose between a fun color scheme or one color.

Update Kitchen Appliances

Be a little bit extra with new kitchen appliances that you need and can improve the health of your kitchen. Devices such as a range hood can help a kitchen look modern and even improve the overall quality of air.

We think a range hood and others like a new refrigerator can help save you on energy costs. Additionally, having one increases your home’s value.

Add a Backsplash

A backsplash is a needed element to help bring out a kitchen’s personality. Whether it’s a farmhouse or a fun 80s vibe, a backsplash can make a wall feel new. Also, backsplashes don’t require much work, as many are adhesive, making them easy to peel and stick to any wall’s surface.

Enhance the Kitchen With a Rug

Make the kitchen feel more inviting with a rug. Even if the kitchen feels dated, you can make it feel a little more up-to-date with a kitchen rug. Of course, the rug style depends on your type, and we’d recommend going with something that doesn’t slide and is thick.

Enhance the kitchen with different ways to update your kitchen without renovating. You’ll surprise yourself with how modern the kitchen looks without having to knock a wall or two down to add something new.

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