Vivo X51 review: The smartphone with gimbal camera

Vivo X51 review

Is the Vivo X51 a decent telephone? Vivo X51 review: Assuredly, with a strong camera, wonderful presentation, and sensational plan. Be that as it may, at this value the X51 doesn’t feel cutthroat. It’s an incredible telephone, however, it’s terrible worth.

Vivo X51 full review

The Vivo X51 is the Chinese organization’s first telephone to formally dispatch in the UK, however, it might strike a sensation of history repeating itself in some acquainted with the organization’s X50 series.

The X51 is indeed a renamed rendition of the Vivo X50 Pro, which was delivered in China and some European business sectors recently. The equipment is indistinguishable – it even still says ‘Expert’ on the camera module – yet it bears another name, a couple of programming changes to suit Western business sectors and a strong new sticker price.  You can check out our full review of the Vivo X70 Pro.

There’s no indication of the remainder of the X50 series, however – the standard X50 and the top-level X50 Pro+ – so for the present the X51 is it.

Design & build: Lightweight, thin & stylish

In case you’re after a gorgeous telephone, the X51 is a shocker – not any amazement since we said the same thing when we checked on an imported X50 Pro.

The back highlights a lovely iridescent glass finish considered Alpha Gray that is smooth however not dangerous. I especially preferred the tall, thin plan, which made the X51 truly agreeable to use with one hand – which most ladies will tell you is a battle when telephones so regularly play with phablet status, even before a case is added.

The X51, all things being equal, is a treat to hold and is magnificently light as well, at simply 181g. Vivo likewise keeps edges bent, which just highlights the agreeable feel of the gadget.

There’s no earphone jack here, however, it ships with a USB-C connector for your current wired buds, and supports Bluetooth 5.1 network.

Vivo X51 review

Cameras: World’s smallest gimbal?

The X51 highlights a quad-camera set-up on the back comprised of a 48Mp primary sensor, a 13Mp 2x long range focal point for picture photographs, an 8Mp ultrawide point, and an 8Mp 5x optical long range focal point. On the front, there’s a 32Mp selfie camera.  For all the details, you can check out our full review of the Vivo X70 Pro.

The fundamental camera conveys clear photographs, however, close assessment uncovers that shots aren’t just about as point by point as they initially show up. Full-scale shots specifically endure – the ultrawide serves as a full-scale shooter, and doesn’t hold up – as do photographs out of the 5x optical focal point, which is adequately fair yet will not inconvenience the phenomenal periscope photography conveyed by ongoing Oppo and Huawei handsets.

The delegated wonder of the X51, as in the Vivo X51 review Pro, is the coordinated gimbal in the 48Mp primary camera.

In contrast to optical picture adjustment (OIS), which genuinely bumps the focal point the other way of development, and electronic picture adjustment (EIS), which utilizes programming to edit the edge to counter development, the X51 moves the entire camera module – rather than simply the focal point – to counter precariousness. Consider it OIS on steroids.

That is considerably more so given the telephone has highlights like Astro Mode – this permits you to utilize a long openness on a brilliant evening and counter any foggy spots brought about by the turn of the earth.

At the point when I made an effort of the London horizon from my window, the lights somewhere out there seemed hazy notwithstanding the gimbal’s help. Lowlight shots of closer subjects stayed away better, however, results are most certainly a hodgepodge, which is a disgrace coming from what ought to be the telephone’s enormous selling point.

Specs & display: Lovely screen, middling specs

The X51 conveys fair specs, with a Snapdragon 765G joined by 8GB RAM and 256GB stockpiling (a lot of space for all the 4K recordings you’ll make while exploring different avenues regarding that gimbal).

The 765G is a mid-range chipset that will not rival legitimate leaders with regards to cutthroat gaming, yet conveys a very sizable amount of execution for everyday use, alongside 5G help.  You can check out our full review  of the iPhone 13 Pro’s new video format

Look to the outside and you track down the genuine fascination of the X51. Which packs a 6.5in AMOLED screen with a Full HD+ goal (2376 x 1080) and HDR10+ support. In case you’re searching for a telephone on which you can go through hours of real-time Netflix or YouTube – or vastly looking through Instagram. The X51 will not frustrate you.

Tones look lively, dim and dark tones are rich, and the 90Hz revive rate makes liveliness smooth and easy. 90Hz invigorate rates – and quicker – are accessible at a wide range of value focuses. And the OnePlus 8T incorporates a 120Hz AMOLED at a similar size from just £549. So exceptionally incredible as the X51’s showcase is, it shouldn’t be the main explanation you purchase the X51.

Software: Funtouch goes West

Like the X50 Pro, the X51 works on Funtouch OS, Vivo’s working framework is dependent on Android 10 (however Vivo says the X51 will uphold Android 11 when it arrives at the market).

Funtouch OS has been a problem for us when we’ve investigated past Vivo handsets, including the X50 Pro. Nonetheless, Vivo has tended to a large number of the difficulties we recognized in FunTouch by adjusting it for the European market.

FunTouch on the X51 offers a clean UX, which implies no bloatware and an improved encounter no matter how you look at it. It’s not the best Android skin out there, but rather it feels pretty damn near an unadulterated Android experience. So no bad things to say here.

Battery & charging: Built to last

Battery life on the X51 won’t frustrate. With a 4315mAh limit, you can undoubtedly drive the X51 into two days of utilization without charging. That relies upon how overwhelmingly you utilize your telephone. In case you’re continually streaming. While at the same time fluttering between different online media applications. You’ll probably see a more limited life.

In our tests, we channel the battery before we begin estimating how rapidly the telephone charges from nothing. Draining the last two percent of the battery was similar to that scene from Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain where Hermann Gromek will not pass on. It’s a solid battery okay.

At the point when it does ultimately bite the dust, you can energize it to 65% shortly because of the 33W wired charging support. However, there’s no remote charging choice.

Pricing & availability

The Vivo X51 went on special in the UK on 29 October and expenses £749. eBuyer is the main retailer offering the telephone right now. In Europe, the telephone costs €799 and will be accessible in Germany, France, and Italy.

That is a ton for a telephone utilizing the mid-range 765G processor. So the X51 may merit the cost if the remarkable gimbal camera is a sufficient attraction to defeat its other spec weaknesses. Furthermore, in case you are enthused about it. You may even track down it’s less expensive – assuming slower – to just import an X50 Pro, which right now begins from just £509.

For £599 you can get the Pixel 5G with a 765G processor and an unadulterated Android experience. And £549 will get you the OnePlus 8T with an all the more impressive Snapdragon 865. You can even get the iPhone 12 if you stretch your financial plan by £50 more. However, truly these correlations all overlook the way that the X51 begins at a liberal 256GB stockpiling.


Is the Vivo X51 a decent telephone? Assuredly, with a strong camera, wonderful showcase, and remarkable plan. In any case, its appearance is simply marginally confounded.

We’re seeing a rush to the base, even in the lead field. Significant brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google are jumping into the contest against troublesome brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi. Who offer premium telephones at reasonable rates.

Vivo’s passageway into the Western market has been hotly anticipated by a few, yet at this value. The X51 doesn’t feel cutthroat. It’s an extraordinary telephone, however, at the maximum, it’s terrible worth.

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