Vitamin A-Cure For Immunity and Stress

Vitamin A has long been called a resistance vitamin. With the exception of vitamin C, there is no other that can do so much to improve our health and strengthen our immune system. Working in conjunction with vitamins C and E, it detoxifies poisons. It also lubricates, moisturizes and strengthens the airways; that can relieve us of nasal and throat problems.

Today, people use too many inhalants and nasal “quick fixes” for their sinus ailments. Did you know that nasal sprays only create dry mouth, which only irritates the throat? Taking a little more vitamin A will improve your health, and postnasal drip won’t bother you anymore.

In fact, you “balance” the mucous secretions and they work perfectly on their own. I like to think that it was a wonderful plan of God to find us these remedies for our problems … if we use them.

Here are some foods high in vitamin A.

Food sources of vitamin drip scottsdale rated by micrograms of retinol activity equivalents (RAE) of vitamin A per standard amount; also calories in the standard amount. (They are all: 20% of the RDA for adult men, which is 900 mg / day of RAE).

You will then see each food listed with the vitamin A and calories in them.
Organ meats (liver, giblets), various, cooked, 3 oz. – 1490-9126-134-235
Carrot juice, ¾ cup -1692-71
Sweet potato with skin, baked, 1 medium -1096-103
Pumpkin, canned, ½ cup -953-42
Carrots, cooked fresh, ½ cup -671-27
Spinach, cooked frozen, ½ cup -573-30
Frozen cooked cabbages, ½ cup -489 -31
Kale, cooked frozen, ½ cup -478-20
Mixed vegetables, canned, ½ cup -474 -40
Turnip greens, cooked frozen, ½ cup- 441-24
Instant cooked, fortified, prepared cereals, 1 packet -285 -376 -75 -97
Various ready-to-eat cereals, with vit. A-1 ounce -180-376-100-117
Carrot, raw, 1 small -301-20
Beet greens, cooked, ½ cup -276-19
Winter squash, cooked, ½ cup -268-38
Dandelion greens, cooked, ½ cup -260-18
Melon, raw, ¼ medium melon -233-46
Mustard greens, cooked, ½ cup -221-11
Pickled herring, 3 oz -219-222
Red bell pepper, cooked, ½ cup -186-19
Chinese cabbage, cooked, ½ cup -180-10

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