Typical Warning Signs That Your Carpet Has Mould

Nobody wants to deal with the unpleasant fact of a mouldy carpet, but more often than not, water damage has a way of creeping up on us without our knowledge. Living with mould is no picnic to begin with, but it’s even worse when you have to sacrifice your beloved rug to the disease. You Can Smell It. Carpet cleaning Sydney solve your problem in a better way. 

One of the most obvious signs that you’re dealing with a mouldy carpet is the unmistakable smell. If you’ve smelled mould once, you’re unlikely to forget the pungent odour. There are, of course, degrees to this. For instance, if you can only get a whiff of it by pressing your nose to your carpet, you may be able to salvage your rug by taking it in for a cleaning immediately. However, if you’ve let it get so bad that you can smell the mouldy odour all the way from the next room, your carpet could be too far gone for salvation. If you’re smelling mould on your carpet, take it to get dry cleaned immediately before it’s not too late. It’s not just about the health of your rug. Getting your best end of lease carpet cleaning could help prevent serious health issues for you and your whole household.

You Can See It

We know the blue-greenish look of mould when it’s attacking an orange or a piece of bread, but carpet mould looks a bit different. If you’re noticing small white, green, or black spots on your rug, don’t assume it’s nothing. These could be signs of the start of mould growth from a bad cleaning job. If you keep seeing these spots pop up, you need to take your rug to dry cleaning before the damage spreads. Remember, prevention is much easier, and less expensive, than letting the problem spread so call Affordable Carpet Cleaning Perth once in six months.

Check the Bottom

Even if you’re not seeing or smelling any clear signs of mould, it’s possible that the damage has already started. It just happens to be in a place where you can’t immediately detect it. Every once in a while, lift up your carpet to check the padding underneath. If your padding looks dirty or feels damp, you could be creating the perfect breeding ground. Before the damage spreads, air out your rug. Also, throw your mat away to make sure your entire floor doesn’t get contaminated. Carpet cleaning is very essential for every homeowner. 

Be Aware of Allergies

If you’ve developed a worrying sniffle throat, it’s probably not the best idea to just ignore it. If you’re not someone who usually gets allergies, your body could be reacting adversely. Don’t take any chances with this. Check your rug for any signs, and take it to the cleaners. They make absolutely sure you’re not having a bad reaction to your rug. Carpet cleaning companies remove the dust and dirt and give your carpet a new look. 

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