Top Reasons Why Is My HP Laptop So Slow? Learn How to Boost the Performance of Your Laptop?

Hp Laptop

Hp Laptop

As almost all of us know, HP laptop usually get slow with some time. However, if you use your computer for the very first time, then it might seem new or even perfect without any hang-ups, freezes, or other oddities. But, as time goes by, you will surely notice that the performance of your HP laptop gets slower. Moreover, your laptop is becoming really prone to crashes, freezes, and system failures, which makes it quite unusable for some time. To make your HP laptop runs smoothly and reliably.

You must make some basic and essential system adjustments


Reasons: Improper use of hardware and software:

Why My Hp Laptop so Slow? The improper use of hardware components and software can cause your laptop’s performance to slow down. For example, you are using too many programs on your new laptop. Many of these programs are not used at once; therefore, when your system crashes or gets unstable, this is usually the reason.

To solve this problem, you need to perform HP laptop performance optimization, which will prevent your system from crashing unexpectedly. You must also have a backup file in case your hard drive fails. Other reasons for the slow speed of your hp laptop are malware, poor hard drive maintenance, and viruses.


Malware can be the number one cause of your slow speed. Some viruses can cause your operating system to crash or shut down without your knowledge. Some viruses are able to corrupt or damage your hard drive. You can easily get rid of these by downloading reliable anti-malware software.

Poor Ram Performance:

If your laptop runs very slowly, then it probably has something to do with poor RAM. In simple terms, the RAM of your computer serves as a cache for all the instructions that are being sent to your CPU. Your CPU then uses this data to execute all the commands that come from the software. If the RAM is corrupted or damaged somehow, your computer may not be able to read the commands it needs to run.

Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow? If your answer is “Because I don’t have enough hard drive space”, then you have the solution to your problem. Purchasing an SSD card can solve your problem. It is similar to an SD card but it is designed specifically for laptops. An SSD card is very easy to install and it also has the capability to work in conjunction with u sd card or a USB card.

In order to start up applications properly

Your computer must be properly connect to the hardware of your laptop. Sometimes, there will be problems with the ports and with the start-up devices. You should check these areas and see if they need to be upgraded. The process of upgrading these parts of your laptops is often referred to as “cores swapping”.

Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow? As a rule of thumb, improper use of software such as internet browsers, internet explorer and hot spots, lack of disk space for storing large files, improper use of hard disk, etc can all contribute to a slow laptop. The good news is that, now, even common software such as Microsoft windows can be upgraded. It is recommended that you upgrade your existing operating system in addition to your laptop’s hard disk and RAM.

If your laptop has been infected by malicious programs such as viruses

Trojan horses and malware, your laptop’s performance will definitely be affected. One of the ways that you can clean this mess is by running a full system scan with a “malware cleaner” application. This type of cleaner can detect and delete any harmful programs that are hiding deep inside your computer.

If your HP laptop is equipp with an SSD card, it will perform much better than an ordinary one. The main reason is that the SSD card will help to speed up your computer. Other than this, you will also be able to improve the processing speed of your processor by upgrading the graphic card and the sound card as well. When doing so, you will be able to run a better and faster operating system.


Why Is My Hp Laptop So Slow? If you want to keep your laptop working at its optimum level for a long time, you should perform regular maintenance on the laptop such as installing a good anti-virus program, downloading the latest updates for your operating system, etc. By doing so, you may prevent your laptop from being slow or having problems like a blue screen.

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