Top Engagement Ring Designs Loved by Every Woman

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What does an engagement ring mean for women? Some women actually tend to believe that engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. Others accept it as a promise of marriage. And many take it to mean both.

According to the American Gem Society, presenting women with an engagement ring stemmed from the Roman custom of women wearing rings that hold small keys. These keys mean the husband’s ownership and having control over the household goods.

Today, instead of keys, these symbolic rings hold precious gems that make them look elegant and quite valuable. And while diamonds are actually the most common stones on them, other gems are also preferred by soon-to-be brides.

The trend for engagement ring designs is ever-changing. But some styles span the test of time. Among these styles are the top five that women love no matter the season.

Classic Solitaire Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are classic designs that have been in style for years. It features a single diamond mounted on a plain band. Although it is one of the most common ring styles, it is loved and is an iconic symbol of a man’s promise to a woman.

Aside from the simple and timeless solitaire design, there are also other variations of this type of engagement ring. Some of these include the low-set, high-set, rub over, and tension set styles.

Solitaire rings are the ultimate promise ring for a woman who loves timeless pieces.

Halo Rings

As the name implies, the halo ring has small stones encircling a larger centre stone, giving it a halo appearance. The small stones come in different shapes, such as round, square, and trendy pear shapes.

The halo of small stones gives the ring a luxurious look and makes it the perfect engagement ring design for those who love a bit of extravagance.

Tri-stone Rings

If the solitaire ring features a single stone set in a plain band, the tri-stone ring has three. Thus, it is also called the trilogy ring.

The three precious gems atop the band represent the couple’s past, present, and future. So, the trilogy ring is the best choice for a woman with a penchant for all things sentimental.

Stone Cluster Rings

Instead of one big stone in the middle of the band, the cluster ring is composed of multiple small stones that can have a variety of shapes or designs depending on your preference. However, the most common shapes for cluster rings are round and heart.

The stone cluster ring offers versatile and customisable designs if you want a unique take on the classic engagement ring.

Vintage Style Rings

No matter how modern today’s world has become, there is always a place for vintage styles and pieces. Even vintage engagement ring designs are not exempt from this inclination for all things old-fashioned and antiquated.

But being vintage does not necessarily mean they’re out of style. Rings with a cluster of stones and large coloured gems representing the Victorian era are quite popular today. It is a common choice for women who love intricate and lavish vintage pieces.


No matter what the engagement ring means to you, it is clear that people see it as a symbol of being in a serious relationship – that a woman is no longer available for other men to court. As the popular lyrics go, “Diamond ring, wear it on your hand, it’s gonna tell the world I’m your only man.”

So, whatever the design or the set stone, know that the most important thing is the meaning behind the ring.



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