Top Ebook Torrent Sites in (2022)

torrent sites for ebooks

We are in the year 2021, but still, the importance of books and the information it provides hasn’t degraded. Books provide valid information and they also improve our reading habits. With digitization grabbing its hold, e-books have become a trend these days, people are switching to reading e-books more than the proper physical books. Obviously, because of its availability and with the help of torrent sites for ebooks, they won’t have to pay much to read them.

In this article, we will have a look at the top ebook torrenting sites in the world this year.

Top Torrent Sites to Download Ebooks/Audiobooks

  • The pirate bay

 The pirate bay is one of the oldest and most reliable websites for ebook torrents. You can search the book or file name with the help of some filters only. Most of the torrents in the pirate bay are verified means it’s not a fake copy of any book or video, so finding the right ebook won’t be an issue here. However, the pirate bay is banned in many countries so you need to look at other options also.

  • Wikibooks

Wikibooks is definitely the best website for ebooks, this popular website has a massive database in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Hindi, etc., and a few more other languages. It has a clean user interface and searching ebooks is very simple in Wikibooks. If you want to download a book torrent from Wikibooks, you just need to select your preferred language and search for the book and download it.

  • Books-share

Books-share is also a very popular book torrent website for ebooks. All the books available here are very well organized and it also displays the language, the no. of pages and also offers a detailed description for every ebook. It also has a very simple UI, which makes it simple for users to search and download ebooks. You just need to sign up on the website to download free ebooks. Books-share website is also available in many countries which makes it easier to find the website.

  • Torrent9

Torrent9 may not be as popular as books-share or Wikibooks but it also has a well-developed UI, which makes it a user-friendly and easy-to-use website. It’s a website that is blocked in many countries. Here you can also download free ebooks illegally as it’s a banned website in many countries. It also offers content like movies, tv-series, music, etc. 

  • 1337X

1337X is also a very popular torrent website. The website is popular for providing a variety of content through torrents, not only the ebooks but also the other entertainment content like music, movies, tv shows, games, applications, etc. all is available on this website. Its easy user interface allows the user to search for their ebook easily.

  • Torlock

It’s one of those ebook torrent websites which is hard to find nowadays but very dependable. Its easy user interface makes it easier to search for an ebook, even if it’s a new one. This website has a variety of options for ebooks, so users mostly don’t get disappointed after visiting this website. This website has a separate ebook section from where you can download your favorite books. If you want to download an ebook straight away without signing up and all other stuff, this website is a good option for you then.


So, these were some of the best torrent sites for ebooks, you can choose any one of these according to your own comfortability and requirement. If you want to download free ebooks torrent easily, you can go for Wikibooks or the pirate bay. If you want a variety of content like ebooks, music, movies, etc. then torrent9 or 1337X is a good option. 

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