Top 3 Conversations You Need To Have Before Your Wedding

Top 3 Conversations You Need To Have Before Your Wedding

The best marriages are filled with open communication and honesty, so it makes sense to start off that way. While some discussions may feel uncomfortable, it’s critical to know that you and your would-be spouse are on the same page. Making sure you have these top three conversations before your wedding sets you up for a life of wedded bliss.


The first, and most important question, is whether you both want children. If you’ve agreed on that, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. Talk about what you’ll do if it seems like adoption is the only way to have kids, and discuss your beliefs on discipline. You don’t want to wait to have that chat until after your child has done something wrong!


Finances are a source of strife for many married couples, but they don’t have to be. From minute one, decide on joint or separate accounts, how much to save out of your paychecks, and a general budget for married life.

Now is also a good time to talk about your careers—where are you planning to be in five years? Promotions may lead to more time at the office, so it’s smart to know where you’re both heading.

Prenuptial Agreement

No one wants to bring up the prenup, but it’s an important document that can save you tons of headaches if everything goes wrong. Divorce is the last thing on your mind at this moment, but remember—a prenuptial agreement protects both spouses in the case of severe illness and death, too.

If you’re learning this a bit late and your marriage papers are already signed, don’t worry! A postnuptial agreement provides the same protections as a prenup, but you create it after your wedding. Both documents are crucial for any marriage, so don’t be afraid to bring them up.

Now that you know the top three conversations you need to have before your wedding, get ready to talk to your soon-to-be spouse and figure out the next phase of your life together.

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