Top 10 coolest Pokémon Go Cakes for Birthday

Pokémon Go parties are so popular among kids, and they love to play the games that make them a hit with girls and boys. Amazingly, throwing a Pokémon Go party for your kid is the best way to make his day memorable. You can opt for a thematic décor with a special cake because a customized cake plays a vital role in glorifying an event. Indeed, choosing the best cake is a daunting task, but selecting a premium quality cake shop can make this decision easier for you. For instance, you can order Cake Pokémon from any of the renowned cake shops. But, keep in mind that the chosen bakery must deliver fresh and delicious cake without any problem.

If you want to throw a Pokémon Go theme party for your kid, then the current discussion is ideal for you.

We have rounded up the list of the top 10 coolest and delicious Pokémon Go for birthdays. All the below-mentioned cakes are decorated using fondant (i.e. edible marshmallow play dough). You can convert it into any desired shape to make your cake look appealing.

Let’s start exploring some enticing and flavour some cakes together!

  1. Candy Covered Pokémon Birthday Cake

We are starting with the most colourful, attractive and appealing cake. This multicolour rainbow Pokemon Cake is an ideal choice for your toddler’s birthday. The cake not only looks fantastic but tastes delicious too.

The inclusion of rainbow colour candy ideally grabs everyone’s attention and makes this cake eye candy for everyone. So, surprise your little angel with a cake that is full of all special and striking colours.

  1. Pikachu Birthday Cake

Do you want to impress your guests with a unique and extraordinary cake? If yes, then you must try Pikachu birthday cake without any second thought. Gladly, you can easily customize this cake with a Pikachu pan and enough yellow icing.

As discussed earlier, the selection of a top-quality cake shop matters. So, choose a cake shop that bakes the finest customize cakes in the town.

  1. Fondant Ash Ketchum And Poké Ball Birthday Cake

One tier cake isn’t enough for you if you have invited so many guests on a birthday. Two-tier Pokémon birthday cake with Ash Ketchum silhouette and a Poké ball decorating on the cake’s top make this cake stand out from the crowd.

Trust us; you can make this cake the real talk of the town if you have ordered it from a popular and reliable cake shop.

  1. Poké Ball and Ash Ketchum’s Hat Birthday Cake

If your kid adores Pokemon more than anything else, then you are not alone here. You can express your love for him by surprising a Poke Ball cake with Ash Ketchum’s hat on it.

Let’s make this cake a bit extraordinary by adding a Pikachu on the top of the hat. The Pikachu topper can be customized in any design. You have to choose the one your kid adores the most.

  1. Pikachu and Poké Ball Tiered Birthday Cake

This cake is the real showstopper and looks fantastic on the dessert table. Again, you can customize this cake in any desired flavour. But, try to choose the flavour your kid loves the most.

  1. Fondant Cake with Printable Pikachu Cake Topper

You can quickly transform a simple cake into a Pikachu by adding a Pikachu head on the top of the cake. It is an incredible choice, especially when you run out of time but want a different Pokémon theme cake.

You can choose any of the desired flavours for this cake, including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The yellow icing always works like the cherry on the top.

  1. Pink Girly Pokémon Birthday Cake

Do you think Pokemon is the only boy’s favourite character? No, girls love them too. That’s why; this pink girly Pokemon birthday cake is perfect for your baby girl birthday party.

  1. Pikachu Tiered Birthday Cake

This cake is one of the most elegant choices for a birthday party. You can cover the bottom tier with multi-colour stars and add ear toppers on the upper tier of the cake.

  1. Pokemon Cookie Birthday Cake

Choosing a simple cake with Pokemon cookies on its top is a fantastic choice to consider. It’s so enjoyable to convert a simple cake into a Pokemon theme cake.

  1. Charmander Birthday Cake

Does your kid love Charmander? You can order this Charmander birthday cake covered with orange fondant.

Charmander is a lizard and one of the most popular characters of Pokémon. There is this flame that can be burnt at Charmander’s tails. The flame indicates the emotions of this lizard. It’s the most incredible place to put a birthday candle as well.

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