Top 10 Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid


Whether you are an experienced car buyer or you are just getting your first car, you should be wary of some mistakes that can cause you terrible repercussions in the long run. This can be either financially or even health-wise, and although they are hard to notice, these mistakes are obvious and easily overlooked by buyers.

As a place that buys old cars, we have been in many trades and are experienced enough to notice these mistakes. In this article, we will be highlighting ten common mistakes to avoid when in the market to buy a car. These can be helpful to both first-time and experienced buyers.

Not Knowing Your Budget

Having a budget in mind of how much you are looking to spend on a car will save you lots of stress. Whether you are paying in cash or looking to finance, set a specific budget that you can afford for the car that you want.

Not Knowing What Car You Want

You should never visit a dealership without knowing what type of car you want to buy. This is like shooting yourself in the foot and can make you unsatisfied with your purchase if you gave it less to no prior thought. Always be sure of the make and model of your desired car, and do not settle for less no matter what.

Not Doing Enough Research

Research is mandatory, especially if you are buying a car you are unfamiliar with. If you are new to cars and getting your first car, it is essential to do your due diligence on everything associated with the car. Look for online reviews and even in-person reviews from people that already own and operate that type of car. Understanding how much the car’s insurance costs, its maintenance, and the amount of fuel it consumes can help avoid surprises after buying the car.

Depending On The Dealership For Financing

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to pay cash at the dealership and close the deal. However, since this is further from reality, never rely on the dealership to organize your financing. In most cases, dealers take this as an opportunity to earn more money from your pocket, getting you to pay more than you are supposed to.

Not Test Driving The Car

You should never sign a contract before or without test driving the car you are buying. This is an important part of buying a car, and most people fail to do it. Taking the car for a spin will allow you to test various functionalities, including the gears, breaks, navigation, lighting, multimedia, and many others. To avoid frustrations after signing the contract, you should test the car for all the things you are buying it for, whether new or pre-owned.

Not Checking The Car History Report 

When buying a pre-owned car either from an individual or the dealership, it is important to ask for the vehicle history report. This report is important to help you understand most of the history of the car. Through this report, you will be able to know how many accidents the car has had and their severity, as well as any cases it might be involved in. These details are key to preventing you from being liable to problems associated with the car.

Meeting The Seller In Isolation 

This mostly happens when buying a car privately, either from online marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist, or referrals. While there are good people out there, there have been scenarios where thugs masquerading as the seller mugged and harmed the potential buyer. If you are buying a pre-owned car directly from the owner, meet them in a public place with a witness just to be safe.

Searching Too Small 

While in the market to buy a car, it is important to take your time to look at different listings and dealerships. Visiting dealerships in a different neighborhood can help you get the same car for a lower price or get more incentives than in your area. Look at a variety of cars to find out the one that suits your needs before committing to it.

Showing Too Much Enthusiasm

Any car salesperson would easily see through your emotions when you are buying a car. Being open about how much you love the features of the car will work against you, as most salespeople will use this to overcharge you. As a rule of thumb, never openly admit or express too much enthusiasm on the car.

Basing The Price On The Monthly Payments

When financing your car, you mustn’t base your buying decision on the monthly payment for the car. When you do this, you leave a lot of stones unturned, which may lead to you paying more than what the car is worth. Always base your decision on the buying cost and not the monthly payments.

Mistakes are bound to happen sometimes, and when they happen, they can lead to bitterness in the buyer who comes later down the line.  By understanding some of the common mistakes when buying a car, you can now avoid these mistakes and make better choices.

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