Tips to Wear Printed Pants in 2021

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If you had forgotten the boldness that printed pants embody in the winter season, here is your daily reminder. From “Harem Pants” to “Geometric printed trousers,” there are plenty of these in the market. What’s better, they can be styled in a chic-aesthetic way for your vintage glow to go higher; and all the same can be put into use with a plain, traditional, Indian Kurta, to set the streets on fire!

To reinstate that Bohemian outlook to your otherwise bland, fall days, we bring to you a set of Tips to Wear Printed Pants in 2021 so that you get a better idea of what outfits go with it (and discard those which do not, you know?)

Not To Be Edgy? Then a Plain Tank Top will do 

While shopping for printed pants, it is more than important to keep in mind what kind of prints elevate your mood and personality the most. “Why?” you ask me? Precisely because these always-in-trend printed, bohemian pants, are meant to provide you with the comfort which regular palazzo pants or denim don’t. That’s why YOU do YOU (as Joe Goldberg would want it)

Pick an aesthetically pleasing “floral patterned print,” or a “leopard-spot” print, depending on which of the two (or any other design) allow you to flourish the most. For the torso part, let us just couple up the bohemian pants with a simple and solid tank/ armhole top, a pair of turquoise earrings to make your day merrier!

A Geometric-Patterned Harem Pant with Kitten Heels for Me, Please!

What is a world without Harem Pants for women like? Boring.

That’s the thing, right- you CAN NOT miss out on harem pants while discussing printed pants. These easy-going, ultra-soft, and flexible harem pants come in solid colours too. But honestly, they gain more traction because of their patterned counterparts. Be it Paisley, Herringbone, Gingham, or Tartan, harem pants are authentically the most trendsetting fit in the 21stce century. You’ll find yogis wearing them on their way to perform Trikonasana; so versatile, that’ll you’ll even find runway models wearing them for an “oh-okay-I-am-all-that-but-with-a-lot-of-ease-and-comfort” touch to their ramping.

To rock in a ‘harem pants’ outfit-edition contest (they will have these. Soon), make sure you colour-coordinate the patterns of your trousers to that of your top (a kimono would do). Keep the former a little above the ankle length to ace the look with kitten-heels ( read: Royal Feels)

Overalls With Patterned Bohemian Pants

Belted pants, light-weighted necklaces, and box sandals can be the way to go for your printed, bohemian pants ONLY AND ONLY IF you choose a design, size, and pattern and fit you from tip to toe.

The style and volume of print you pick is one of the reasons patterned pants can be difficult to wear. You could go bold and eye-catching, but your pants may appear to be wearing you instead of the other way around.

Enormous patterns can also attract attention across the body, making you appear broader than you actually are. If you’re anxious about this, a diagonal stripe or a thinner print like a small floral print are two possibilities. This is also why accompanying your favourite ‘polka-dot‘ harem pants with baggy Overalls can turn out to be a good idea.

Overalls, to a layman, are unbelievably comfy — unlike anything you’ve ever worn. There’s no need for a restricting belt because the apron design supports the built-in buckles. Overalls are usually composed of durable materials such as linen or cotton cushion. I can assure you that the colours will fade and the fibres will loosen over a period as well.

Mixing Patterns and Asymmetrical Tops

Geometric/ Upswept shirts with Patterned Bohemian Pants are the way to go if you like loose-fitting crop tops with a bucket bonnet or dad shoes!

Style your favourite pair of Harem Pants with a beige or solid-coloured crop top (or even tops with irregular edges) to show off the Harem Pants for women to their best potential!

Mixing patterns is never simple, but if you want to go with plaid pants and a patterned shirt. (not with a pair of sandals and a pair of seasonal shades)

Keep your pendants to a bare minimum in terms of accessories. Instead choose leather wristbands and a prim and proper Knot Bracelet. Isn’t it always fantastic to keep pushing your limits a bit further this weekend, than last Saturday evening?

A flowing-shaped Kimono and Printed Pants

Strobe piercings are a great way to get a head start on that bedouin look if you’re intending on wearing an open, sleeveless ball gown because… let’s face it… you OBVIOUSLY can’t resist the combination!

When worn with open footwear, a kimono or wrap paired with printed harem pants says a lot about how exquisitely aesthetic you are. Silk kimonos and brocade caftans are no longer restricted to the wardrobes of the 1970s. The goal of mentioning this is to convince you that it’s time you ditched all of your jeans in favour of printed Harem Pants because THEY GO WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING!

(Even with colourants-laden sweatshirts, check them out as soon as possible)

Flat Sandals and Pop of Color Bohemian pants for the go!

Wear a  bright-hued flannel shirt with a black and grey printed bodice for a relaxed yet classy look. To finish, add a pair of flat sandals. Yellow tote to create a stunning ensemble that is surprisingly simple to put together. You could go for a deeper tone with black heels or a more balanced look with floral shoes.

A long, beautiful necklace or choker can go a long way toward tying everything together.

So to retain that fashionista within you, even in breezy winters. That DO NOT let you change outfits now and then, Printed Pants are a big Yes-Yes from our side. Based on these tips, choose an outfit combination that deems fit to you, Queen!

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