Tips for Throwing a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party at Home

Tips for Throwing a Memorable New Year's Eve Party at Home

Here’s to another year and many more to come with friends and family! Now that we’re winding down, it’s time to plan our most fun New Year’s Eve party. Here’s a quick guide filled with tips for throwing a memorable New Year’s Eve party at home.

Curate Your Menu

As you prepare everything from food to decorations and even cleaning up, we need to figure out our menus. Some like to cook homemade meals, while others like ordering food. Of course, both ways work, but here’s what we recommend.

If you’re ordering out, order from a small restaurant, as they’re mostly going to have the best discounts at affordable prices. To help everyone stay complete, we recommend ordering a three-course meal and throwing in extra desserts for late-night cravings.

Get Creative With Décor

Everyone loves homemade decorations. It’s a proven fact, especially if the decorations are easy to create. So consider making your own streamers and creating a New Year’s Eve tree as you explore different crafts.

If you have children, keep them busy with these crafts as well. There’s plenty of creativity to go around for the entire party. One craft idea to make with everyone is a wish jar. Have guests write down a wish or hope they have for 2021, slide it into a mason jar, and fill them with fun nick-nacks like candy.

Let Your Friends Help You Out

We know that as a host, it’s hard to tell a guest to sit down and let you cater to them. However, since it’s New Year’s Eve, let them take the reins, and you take a break. If you need to clean a week before the holiday or the day of, invite some friends to help straighten up and prepare things.

Concoct a chore list of tasks that need to be done, including buying things from the store.

Decide How You Want To Ring in the New Year

The New Year is filled with many new opportunities, so don’t let those bittersweet moments of being with friends and family go without knowing how to ring in the New Year. Plan out your evening by going for a walk to a nearby park for a city-wide party, and then sneak back home for a quick game with drinks.

Every one of these tips for throwing a memorable New Year’s Eve party at home is to help you plan the best party ever. So, whether you’re going out for a bit of while on New Year’s Eve, make sure to return home for an even bigger and more intimate party with close friends and family.

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