Tips for Being an Efficient Commercial Truck Driver

Tips for Being an Efficient Commercial Truck Driver

Many factors affect the efficiency and safety of drivers, such as their energy levels, critical thinking skills, and preparedness.

It’s important to understand that each commercial truck driver is different. But there are a few things every driver must regularly practice to succeed. Here are a few tips for being an efficient commercial truck driver.

Take Care of Yourself

Drivers typically drive about 11 to 14 hours per trip they take. That’s a lot of time sitting down and not getting enough physical activity. However, there are steps to combat the mental and physical health effects driving can have on you.

For example, you can move your body for 30 minutes a day. Whether you take a walk, lift weights, or perform specific strength training movements, you will be able to stay healthy.

Getting enough sleep is vital to driving safely on the road. A lack of sleep can cause brain fog, stress, and other cognitive impairments. Be sure to get at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night to ensure you keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Prepare for Traffic Conditions

Although traffic is unpredictable, you can better prepare for heavy traffic by checking for any hazards in advance and taking the proper precautions ahead of time.

This includes ensuring you have a phone charger, paper map, and your favorite tunes to listen to while you make your way through traffic.

Additionally, avoiding the stop-and-go conditions that traffic often demands when possible can save fuel on your commercial truck, making for a more efficient trip.

Continue Training

No matter how long you’ve been with a company, there will always be new skills to learn in the role. Talk with your supervisor to understand what certifications and training programs you can participate in to be more efficient in your position. Earning more certifications increases your knowledge and value in the company.

Conduct Regular Inspections

The purpose of conducting a pre-and post-trip inspection is to ensure your commercial truck is safe and ready to use for yourself and the next driver. Sometimes, it can be tempting to skip these critical inspections to get on the road faster, but you must complete them routinely. The law requires them. Also, completing proper inspections helps keep you and other motorists safe on the road.

If you notice anything wrong with your truck while driving, be sure to pull over safely and double-check your engine to ensure you don’t need immediate repair.

To be a successful and safe driver, follow the above tips for being an efficient commercial truck driver. If you do so, you’ll be able to excel in your job and avoid mishaps. You’ll also feel good and maintain your health in the long run.

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