Three Simple Steps To Have A Beautiful Wood Finish

Wood Finishes safeguard the wooden exteriors from moisture. Also, they make their appearance deeper and richer. If you want to make your wood decorative professionally, reach out to any Chicago wood refinishing services. 

Besides, wood finish is quite different than painting in a way that, painting conceals the original wooden surface. On the other hand, wood finishes improve the look of the surface.  The word finish can also indicate a whole build-up of coating or a different coat of finish. Below are the types of wood finishes.

Types Of Wood Finishes

Wood finishing of a surface is highly suggested either it’s old or new furniture. Finishing is performed by applying a liquid to the wood surface. Hence wood finishing develops a wood material that looks like dashing and puts on a protective coating. 

There are two kinds of wood finishes i.e penetrating finishing and surface finishing. Wood finishing professionals usually apply 2 or 3 layers of paint on the wood furniture which comes in everyday use.

  • Surface Finishing: 

The application of this type of finishing is easier. Also, it leaves a realistic and natural appearance in the woods. Surface finishes are applied to the wood material surface.

  • Penetrating Finishing: 

Penetrating finishing is applied on the inside of the furniture. It is durable. Though, it does not give a natural look on walls. Danish, Linseed, and Tung oil is a kind of penetrating oil that gives a bold and natural look on wood material.

For having a beautiful wood finish a Just follow these three easy steps:

Step: 1 Prepare The Wood

Firstly, remove any dirt or dust, polish, paint, stickiness, wax, grease. Also, remove any dirt by either using a wax, sanding, polish remover, or a varnish and paint remover. Methylated Spirit and White Spirit are also good wood cleaners and degreasers.

Also, ensure to make the wood ready to stain by sanding it first. Sand it lightly with medium-grit sandpaper, followed by one with fine grit. Keep in mind to sand it in the direction of the grain. 

Step: 2  Apply A Wood Stain

Picking a wood Stain is a matter of your taste and do-it-yourself possess a mixture of stains to choose from. After selecting a stain, apply it. Before you stain, continuously check the selected stain on a covered area of your wood, or leftover wood. It is crucial to see if that matches the wood species of the endeavor.

Step: 3 Add A Protective Finish

After you complete staining, always do the top coating with a clear protecting finish. The prime reason for this is, it will save the wood from household chemicals, food stains, water, food stains, and daily wear. 

And that’s it you have a beautiful wood finish now.


How Do I Know What Type Of Wood To Use?

Before purchasing, think about how you plan to use the wood. While selecting the actual piece of wood, check for any wrapping or twist. Also, look for holes or splits at the edges of the board. Plus, look for surface deformities like knots, insect holes, shipping scars, dents, and machine marks. 

Finally, after doing all this, make sure to measure the wood before you purchase it.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Finishes?

  • There are various types of wood finishes. Following are the majority of the basic ones of the woodworkers use:
  • Oil (100% books linseed oil, tung oil, and mixtures of varnish and these oils)
  • Oil-based varnish ( it includes, alkyd, spar, polyurethane, wiping, and gel varnish)
  • Water-based finish (a finish that gets thin and cleans up with water)
  • Lacquer
  • Shellac

Paint is also a wood finish, but one with ample pigment to cover the wood completely. 

Also, Stain is a wood finish, but one with dye or pigment. Plus, it has a lot of thinners that make it easy to wipe off. What is left just to color the wood instead of hiding it like paint?

What Are The Advantages Of Finished Woods?

A finish benefits the wood in two main ways: 

  • Protection. 
  • Decoration.

Protection means saving the wood from moisture, either in a vapor or liquid form (humidity). Also, it protects it from scratches, dirt, and wear. The thicker your finish is, the more moisture-resistant it will be.

It is also helpful in terms of decoration. Because, the finish showcases the wood’s original natural beauty, figure, color patterns, depth, and grain. Also, it enhances the appearance of wood by covering its defects.

Take Away

Wood finishing is important as it makes your wood beautiful and safe. Wood finishing is needed after the carpentry work of a task which is the last operation in woodworking programs. Besides, it helps and serves plenty of purposes. With the help of wood finishing, uncovering woods becomes completely transformed beautifully.

If you want to have fine work and d not want to DIY, then get the best wood finishing service In Chicago, IL.


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