Things To Consider Before Buying Fencing for Hogs

Things To Consider Before Buying Fencing for Hogs

Hogs can be difficult to take care of because they are messy and wild. They also destroy everything in their line of sight because of their wild nature. This complication makes keeping them fenced in a difficult job. You will need to learn these things to consider before buying fencing for hogs if you decide to keep and corral them yourself.

High Tensile Fencing

Otherwise known as hog wire, high tensile fencing comes in different shapes and sizes; however, it’s virtually the same thing. The real difference is that you can buy it by the roll instead of by the panel. This is more effective because when you invest in paneling, you will have to tie each panel together to make them indestructible. That way, the hogs don’t eat through it and escape.

Wooden Fencing

If you choose to go with wood, you must keep a few things in mind. You’ll have to ask yourself if your wood is strong enough to take a beating and if you can treat it for the weather. That way, it will stay strong long-term. Pigs will gnaw on the wood and put a beating on it over time, so you’ll need to use the thickest lumber you can find and replace and repair it as needed.

Electrical Fencing

This should be your last resort, though it isn’t as much of a threat as it makes itself out to be. The surge of electricity is only enough to scare the livestock, so they don’t cross the perimeter, but not enough to harm the animals. This is one of the most effective means of keeping hogs through psychological means, and they don’t try to escape as often.

Because they are so challenging to keep, there are a few things to consider before buying fencing for hogs. You will need to know what kind of fencing you are going with and what will work to prepare for everything.

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