The Ultimate Couch Cleaning Guide

Couch Cleaning

The furniture & upholstery in your house are more than just decorative they are a reflection of your taste, lifestyle & personality. People buy pricey upholstery like carpets & sofas to enhance the appearance & comfort of their personal space. In order to maintain such significant items of upholstery in an immaculate state, it is crucial to treat them regularly with utmost care & attention. Couch cleaning is a challenging & time-consuming task hence people often leave this chore to the professionals however upholstery cleaning Perth treatment at home can is feasible & can help you maintain your precious upholstery effortlessly for a long time.

How often should you clean the couch?

If you’d like to get your sofa cleaned by a professional once a year, you may do so. If you are willing to vacuum it, the frequency will be determined by how much it is used. Cleaning upholstery that is heavily used every other day might be beneficial; similarly, if the upholstery is barely used, vacuuming it once a week may be adequate to keep it clean. In case your sofa is heavily stained or has developed microbes that can impose health risks immediate avail a professional couch cleaning treatment to restore your sofa like new as ever.

How to read codes for cleaning?

Very few sofa owners know that sofa comes with a cheat sheet for cleaning. This cheat sheet is a manufacturer’s guide that is particular to the type of fabric couch you own. To avoid damage during the upholstery cleaning Perth procedure, simply look for the tag on your couch and follow the directions. This is how you can decode the codes:

  • W- This means you can use water-based cleaners or you can steam clean the sofa
  • S- This means only dry powder insolvents to be used for cleaning
  • SW- AS the initials suggests you can use both water & dry powder surfactants
  • X- A sofa with an X tag should be cleaning by professionals only
  • O- Should be cleaned using organic or eco-friendly detergents

How can you clean your couch at home?

While a professional couch cleaning treatment will be far more effective in sofa maintenance here is an expert guide on how you can clean your couch at home:

Vacuum- Begin the process with vacuuming as it helps extract dirt, dust, pollens, pet hair, food crumbs from the surface of the sofa. Make sure you vacuum in all corners & between sewed cushions to extract all the particles that can ruin the fabric. if your couch has removable cushions & covers remove them & clean them separately in a washing machine. Vacuuming regularly is the key to healthy upholstery so never neglect it. Vacuuming before you deep-clean will help detergents to eliminate impurities properly.

Target stains- Check for stains & apply stain removal solution on the affected area. Homemakers often rely on home cures like diluted vinegar which has proven to be beneficial in the past. Regardless of what the solution is allow it to sit on the fabric for some time for better results. You can also apply the cleansing solution all over the couch at this stage. Dry powder surfactants work wonders for couch cleaning Perth; use organic cleaners only so the fabric remains in good shape for a long time.

Cleansing- Now extract all the dirt, germs, detergents from the surface of the couch using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you do it without the rotating brush as it can ruin the fabric. In the case of a leather couch, you don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner; a damp sponge or damp cloth is enough to wipe off detergents, stains & other residues.

Drying & disinfecting- allow the couch to dry naturally & completely post upholstery cleaning Perth so as to prevent microbe growth & watermarks on the upholstery. You can also sanitize your upholstery using a sanitizer that is easily available in the market.

Contrary to popular belief upholstery cleaning becomes much easier & better when you get hang of it. Professionals have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and skill to clean couches, so employing them at least once a year is strongly advised. As a homemaker, however, you should practice appropriate sofa maintenance and cleaning so that you are not completely reliant on professionals for couch cleaning Perth.

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