The Top Fitness Trends To Give a Try This Year

The Top Fitness Trends To Give a Try This Year

Is “getting fit” a resolution on your new year’s resolutions list? Or is “hitting the gym” a constant item on your to-do list? Many strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape, but the lack of time and motivation to work out are why individuals often flounder in their fitness pursuits.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Read on for a few of the top fitness trends to give a try this year. There’s no time like the present to rise off the couch, tighten up your laces, and jump on these trends.

Reverse Running

Is running backward just an oxymoron? This alternate exercise continues to gain recognition for its rehabilitative and strengthening benefits. Reverse running is one of the top fitness trends to give a try this year to enhance your fitness level. If you find your regular running performance lacking, give this alternative a shot. You may receive strange looks from others, but its restorative movements are one way to reduce the effects of DOMS. Just remember to watch your form and keep a watchful eye out, so you don’t run into anything.

Aerial Fitness

Aerial-based fitness is a strength-based trend that thinks outside the box. Taking aerial hoop, hammock, or pole classes provides a creative and stress-relieving exercise for those up to the challenge. Aerial helps enhance your upper body and core strength, increase body awareness and coordination, and build confidence.

Weighted Hula Hooping

Are weighted hula hoops just a bunch of hoopla? We don’t think so. The popularity of hula hooping for fitness has grown significantly in recent years. This aerobic activity is a fun and effective way to burn calories, strengthen your core muscles, improve posture, and boost balance.

This low-impact workout shakes up a traditional routine by requiring strong movement around the hips and waist. Not to mention, it’s an incredible mental detox. Just be sure to invest in and use a hoop that is the right size for your body. Your hoop should be between your mid-chest and waist when resting vertically. The weight of the hoop ultimately depends on your preference.

Buti Yoga

Have you heard about this unique craze? This form of yoga, known for its distinct incorporation of high-intensity cardio, is moving up the ranks. Along with traditional breath-to-movement sequences, buti yoga includes bursts of strength and coordination training, tribal dancing, primal movements, and jumping actions. You can give this exercise a whirl to heal, transform, and stabilize your mind and body.

Any of the above trends can help you sweat and smile your way through this year ahead. Consider your goals, passions, and interests to make the most of your fitness regimen.

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