The Top 4 Safe Investments To Make in 2022

The Top 4 Safe Investments To Make in 2022

With everyone talking about how important it is to invest your money, you may be wondering the best ways to do so safely. We’ve made a list of the top four safe investments to make in 2022, from high-yield savings accounts to real estate purchases, so keep reading!


While the gold market can experience price fluctuations just like the stock market, research shows that gold holds its value long-term. This asset is an excellent way to diversify otherwise dollar-denominated investments, which can keep your wallet safe from fluctuations in other markets.

High-Yield Savings Accounts

One of the safest investments you can make is that of a high-yield savings account. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures these accounts, and they’re protected against market fluctuations.

On top of that, they’re highly liquid (which means they’re easy to buy and sell). The only thing you need to remember is that your money may lose purchasing power if inflation rises above your annual percentage yield (APY).

U.S. Treasury Bonds

The United States has never defaulted on its debt, so U.S. Treasuries are widely considered a very safe investment. While this investment has a low yield, the security you get with them cannot be understated. They also come with inflation protection, unlike high-yield savings accounts, making them appealing for another reason.

Real Estate

As you probably remember, the housing market crash in 2008 confirms that real estate is not always a safe investment. However, over the course of a rental or commercial property’s life span, you’re more likely to receive consistent income than not. There are several benefits to owning investment properties, and they could make for an excellent career switch if you take to the market.

Now that you know the top four safe investments to make in 2022, start saving for the future!

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