The Top 4 Must-Have Game Processing Tools

The Top 4 Must-Have Game Processing Tools

There’s nothing like treating your family to a dinner you hunted yourself, but you can’t process game with your bare hands! From grinders to vacuum sealers, here are the top four must-have game processing tools.


Purchasing a kitchen grinder opens up a world of meal opportunities. With one piece of equipment, you can enjoy meatballs, chili, burgers, and tacos. Some kitchen mixers can be equipped with grinder attachments, but your best bet is to invest in a standalone grinder. These options can break down big chunks of meat either with a hand-crank or electricity.

Cutting Board

While you can use a kitchen counter if you don’t mind some nicks and scores, investing in a solid wood or synthetic board is much better. Some boards come with adjustable handles that allow you to suspend your workspace over your kitchen sink, providing easy rinsing and cleanup opportunities. Consider de-boning before putting any meat on the cutting board for a more straightforward process.

Vacuum Sealer

The worst thing that can happen after a hunt is for your meat to get freezer burned. Nothing ruins a delicious cut like that distinct, freezer-y flavor, so invest in a good vacuum sealer. Cheaper options can’t handle too much heavy use, so if you’re planning to process more than a few animals each year, go for a chamber vacuum sealer.


Knives are the quintessential game processing tool, and if you’re on a budget, you could make do with nothing more than a quality knife set. A skinning knife is a no-brainer since you can use it to skin, de-bone, and process meat. Remember, a sharp knife is a safe one. Keep your blades honed with a whetstone or an electric sharpener, and pause your work whenever you need to sharpen.

Now that you know the top four must-have game processing tools, enjoy a delicious meal and the pride that comes with it.

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