The RedMagic 6S Pro Review: Full Specification

RedMagic 6S Pro Review

The RedMagic 6S Pro is a little overhaul over the RedMagic 6 delivered recently. An incredible gadget doesn’t burn through every last dollar and could interest individuals searching for their first gaming telephone, yet there’s no compelling reason to supplant your RedMagic 6.

The RedMagic 6S Pro is the encapsulation of a gradual redesign. I explored the RedMagic 6 recently and, even though I loved it, that handset didn’t put forth a persuading defense for gaming telephones. The equivalent is valid with the 6S Pro, which legitimizes its reality by adding the Snapdragon 888 Plus, Qualcomm’s new and somewhat helped form of the Snapdragon 888 framework on-chip.

There’s tiny amiss with the RedMagic 6S Pro. Indeed, it’s a decent telephone if a devoted portable gaming gadget is the thing that you’re searching for. In any case, on the off chance that you got the RedMagic 6 delivered only a couple of months prior, you need not squander your cash on this correction. Besides, the RedMagic 6S Pro succumbs to the equivalent issues its archetype confronted, outstandingly terrible cameras.

In this RedMagic 6S Pro survey, I’ll go through where this telephone dominates, regardless of whether it doesn’t put forth the defense for gaming telephones all in all. For more details, you can check out our full specification of the RedMagic 6S Pro.

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Price and availability

The RedMagic 6S Pro proceeds with its archetype’s tradition of offering top-end gaming highlights for less. Beginning at $599 for the 12GB+128GB model, this one will be one of the most affordable Snapdragon 888 gadgets you can purchase. You can buy the telephone straightforwardly from Nubia.

For another $100, you get 16GB of RAM and 256GB of capacity. Furthermore, assuming you need the model with a clear back, you can get the Ghost variant with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of capacity for $729. For more details, you can check out our full review of the Realme GT Master.

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Performance

A gaming telephone’s main role is to mess around and play them well. In such a manner, the RedMagic 6S Pro unquestionably conveys the best equipment an Android telephone can have. The Snapdragon 888 Plus joined by either 12GB or 16GB of RAM make for an incredible mix. Some other gaming telephone explicit provisions like a cooling fan and shoulder triggers help the experience, as well.

The RedMagic 6S Pro offers an extremely slight improvement over the RedMagic 6 from recently. This gradual update brings up the issue: why? This is the principal Snapdragon 888 Plus gadget we’ve tried and it’s difficult to perceive any genuine change over another incredible Snapdragon 888 telephone — on account of Wild Life Unlimited, there’s simply a large portion of an edge contrast between the two.

I incorporated the iPhone 13 here to show that the A15 Bionic chip controlling Apple’s most recent lead dominates the best that Qualcomm has to bring to the table. If you’re searching for the best gaming telephone, you should think about an iPhone in case you’re not disinclined to Apple.

RedMagic 6S Pro Review

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Display

One more key part to a gaming telephone’s prosperity boils down to the showcase since that is the thing that you’ll be gazing at while you play your most loved titles. The RedMagic 6S Pro surely has a pleasant screen with extraordinary shading multiplication and exactness, in addition to great splendor and review points. For what it’s worth, the 6.8-inch AMOLED board looks pleasant while playing Genshin Impact and some other excellent games.

The RedMagic 6S Pro’s showcase is as old as archetypes, however, fortunately, more brilliant. The Delta-E shading exactness score, where 0 is great, was somewhat higher on the more up-to-date telephone, yet the chances of you seeing are very thin. The furthest down the line RedMagic did, notwithstanding, perform very well in contrast with the iPhone 13, which is exceptionally great.

Some acknowledge gaming telephones for pushing standard gadgets to take on high invigorate rate shows. The RedMagic 6S Pro proceeds with that inheritance, offering a 165Hz screen. In games that help it, you might see 165 edges each second. You’d expect a high revive rate to adversely affect the battery life, yet as you’re going to see, that is not the situation with this telephone.

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Battery life and charging

The magic 6 won an enthusiastically suggested grant from us for its crazy battery life. The RedMagic 6S Pro hopes to proceed with that, checking in occasions well over the 10-hour normal we regularly see from most cell phones. Also, the telephone had a last astonishment for us, as well. You can check out our full review of The best Oppo phones.

Not exclusively does the RedMagic 6S Pro last longer in battery life test than the RedMagic 6. However, it times in at a great right around 13 hours in the 165Hz mode. In our test, we task telephones to perpetually reload website pages over a cell association until they pass on. The RedMagic 6S Pro is positively conveyed in such a manner, working out in a good way for more than most Android telephones. Indeed, even at a battery-depleting 165Hz invigorate rate. The RedMagic 6s endures almost 13 hours and terrains on our best telephone battery life list.

The most peculiar thing is the extremely low re-energize rates we estimated. The RedMagic 6S Pro backings 66W charging. So I’m not altogether sure why the telephone could just get to a 33% charge following 30 minutes. (To place that number in the setting, the magic 6 multiplied that exhibition.)

To see a Snapdragon 8-series telephone with a 165Hz showcase go for almost 13 hours is unquestionably noteworthy. Without a doubt, your mileage will unquestionably change, particularly in substantial gaming. However, you can essentially relax that the RedMagic 6S Pro will go for some time.

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Cameras and other features

This survey has zeroed in on the RedMagic 6S Pro’s qualities, however, different components make up a cell phone. I’ve illustrated different things to note about this telephone beneath.

Cameras: The triple focal point camera arrangement is as old as RedMagic 6 — a 64MP primary camera alongside an 8MP ultrawide focal point and committed large-scale shooter — and it keeps on frustrating. Photographs are level and tasteless, lacking legitimate powerful reach.

The ultrawide focal point produces pictures with delicate concentration and the large-scale focal point is viably futile. The forward-looking camera by and by battles with white equilibrium, strikingly in direct daylight. Night mode is still terrible, as well, a long way from different telephones.

Programming: RedMagic OS 4.5 sits on top of Android 11. It includes numerous symbol packs and topics, however, most aren’t awesome. There are a lot of components to change as you would prefer, however, and a portion of the English interpretations have worked on in this new form.

Gaming highlights: Like its archetype, the RedMagic 6S Pro games an entire host of gaming highlights, similar to a game space, a cooling framework, shoulder triggers, low touch inertness, and Wi-Fi 6E help. The last is particularly useful for low dormancy gaming, as long as you have a switch that upholds it. I don’t have a Wi-Fi 6E switch in my home. So I can’t address the amount of a distinction that helps for the spec makes.

RedMagic 6S Pro review: Verdict

When you move beyond the frustrating cameras, the RedMagic 6S Pro is an excellent telephone. It is practically basically the same as the RedMagic 6. However assuming you avoided that telephone and need an incredible gaming telephone, the RedMagic 6S Pro is a decent purchase. It has all that you need for versatile gaming, including probably the best battery life we’ve seen from a leader gadget.

However, if you purchased the RedMagic 6, feel free to give the RedMagic 6S Pro a pass. One next to the other, the telephones are unimaginably comparative and the enhanced one does not merit the redesign from the not old model. The Snapdragon 888 Plus doesn’t offer any observable enhancements, particularly in games.

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