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“You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink the water,” an old adage goes. This is an excellent custom packaging metaphor since the essential reality is that the ultimate purchasing choice is made at the store’s shelf edge. Many brands make the mistake of believing that advertising and sales promotion drive the customer’s decision-making process. As a result, this is usually the area that commands the most thought and argument. According to The Legacy Printing, the truth is that no matter how much time and money your marketing team spends promoting your product or how much effort your sales team puts into getting your product listed in critical retail outlets.

If your packaging boxes fail to deliver a point of sale because they do not look good, your other investment is largely wasted.

So, what are the ways to get the most out of all that advertising and promotion? How can we induce folks to reach for our pack on the shelves? The gift box supplier has outlined ten techniques to ensure packaging success for every brand.

  1. Make your goods stand out from the crowd.

First and foremost, the packaging experts suggest you recognize that your products are vying for a few seconds of attention. There are approximately 40,000 different products on display in any given supermarket. Yet the average shopper spends no more than an hour in-store during their weekly shopping trip. To see every product, you would have to register more than ten things per second! As a result, the first and most crucial criterion is to get your product noticed. Your product must stand out rather than blend in.


  1. Deviate from the norm

Please take a peek at the simple packaging box the next time you go shopping to observe how something small can punch above its weight. Consider breaching a particular industry’s rules in the same way. Innocent is an excellent example that is sometimes overused and abused. The packaging company believes that when simple packaging enters the highly colorful cosmetics or fashion sector. You can launch a range of perfumes or eyelashes with a white pack rather than the category usual of employing vibrant patterns with matching brilliant graphics and top-notch die cut cardboard printing. Finally, because the shape is the first thing the human eye notices, distinctive package shapes can help your product stand out.

  1. Purpose-driven products

The whole retail market and brands are witnessing a consumer reaction against corporate fat cats and a growing desire to support genuine brands with genuine views and values. This means that companies, sellers, and brands of all sizes, large and small, must have a clear purpose beyond the price and demonstrate that they are decent corporate entities. Consider the bottled water industry, which government ministers have recently scrutinized for being environmentally and socially unsustainable. Bottled water is delivered all over the world, contributing to the problem of climate change. At the same time, most of us could do with tap water, especially since so many people in countries like Africa do without. Thirsty Planet is a new water brand that offers a lifetime supply of free drinking water to an African child for the price of just one multi-pack of the water—noticing the branding game here? The Legacy Printing suggests you think outside the box to seal the box. You know what we mean.

  1. Incorporate personality

Building on the concept of leveraging a brand’s authenticity is the ethos of the packaging company. Therefore, the next suggestion is to give your packaging a strong personality (what the gift box supplier terms as an ‘authentic attitude’). In brief, consider language and imagery that aids in telling a compelling story rather than simply being factual. Filthy is a new brand of incredibly delectable chilled chocolate treats, and the product name allows customers to be unashamedly naughty.

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  1. The “feel-good” factor

We live in a frightening world, one filled with worry and stress. This has resulted from the media’s coverage of terrorism, food crises, global warming, child abuse, and kidnapping. Thanks to Covid-19, that has further pushed everyone’s mental state to the edge. Making others smile or reminding us of a period when life appeared to be safer is a remedy to this. You will gain an advantage if you can make your designs resonate with today’s apprehensive buyers. Competitors may imitate your product specifications, but it is far more difficult for them to replicate how your brand makes a buyer feel. So packaging that makes people smile, like the packaging company’s packaging boxes which can skyrocket your brand’s sales in no time!

  1. Keep it simple.

With so much to instruct about health, nutrition, cooking, or usage directions on your items and a need to reduce packaging, the challenge is to keep things simple. Returning to the ‘standout’ approach. Make sure you do not jeopardize legibility by overcomplicating packs with too many messages. In a world where everything happens in a split second, less is definitely more, and flawless die cut cardboard printing is a cherry on the top.

  1. Differentiated branding

Many supermarkets in the USA have created an own-brand strategy to ensure that their stores serve customers with products that satisfy their everyday needs in every way. This new brand hierarchy has three separate tiers: the cheapest on display, mid-tier, and luxury. The mid-tier proposition is based on the premise that consumers will enjoy the products because they make their lives easier. In such supermarkets, the brands assist customers in eating well, shopping better, saving money, saving time, and reducing waste. The use of a product advocate – genuine customers and colleagues who appear on the packaging boxes to highlight the primary benefits of the product and give reasons to buy – is an essential component of the new offer.

  1. The expense of transportation

Retailers and customers are becoming increasingly interested in the green plan. Recycling is nothing new, but there are a few new dimensions to green packaging related to transportation. In a nutshell, the challenge is to ‘ship less air.’ In other words, you should keep your packaging as simple as possible since the more products you can fit on a pallet, and the fewer trucks will be needed on the road. These solutions reduce CO2 emissions while simultaneously lowering transportation costs.

  1. Time to shelf

As mentioned previously, if a store has 40,000 different packs, every second counts in the shipping and stocking process. Consider how many man-hours you would save per day if your outer shipping case also served as your ‘display on shelf’ case. You will undoubtedly garner grace and favor if you can save a retailer just 10 seconds for each pack in its time to decant from warehouse to shelf.


  1. Safeguard yourself

Suppose you have an excellent product at a reasonable price with appealing die cut cardboard printing. In that case, your competitors will want to imitate your success, so make sure you register and patent whatever you can. And, if you’ve followed the strategies outlined on these pages, you will almost likely have protectable equity in your packing.

Best wishes, and may your horse drink plenty!

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