The Best Study Supplies for Taking Notes by Hand

The Best Study Supplies for Taking Notes by Hand

Advances in technology have made notetaking easier than it’s ever been before. Typing is so much quicker than writing by hand. However, that extra effort could benefit you in the future. Why not slow down and pick up a pen? Students who take notes by hand are more likely to remember key information because they took that extra time! Pick up some of the best study supplies for taking notes by hand, and you’ll have a solid set of notes come exam time.

Durable Paper

Whether you use a notebook or loose-leaf paper in a binder, shop for paper that will hold ink well. Many of the 99-cent notebooks at the grocery store are made of low-quality paper that causes ink to bleed, ghost, and smear. Ensure that your notes are legible!

Archival Pens

To go with your high-quality paper, invest in a few archival-quality pens filled with smooth, long-lasting ink. Pen and paper are equally important in writing notes that are easy to read. The ink of a good pen will absorb right into the paper without smearing. Without ghosting or bleed-through between pages, each page will be perfectly legible on its own.

Assorted Highlighters

Flag key words and phrases in your notes by highlighting them! A set of differently colored highlighters will help you color-code your notes—and even cross-reference them with typed worksheets and handouts. Assign each color a different category: vocabulary, formulas, exceptions to rules, etc.

Sticky Notes

When a highlighter isn’t enough, or if you need to mark your place before you close your notebook, a set of sticky flags and arrows will come in handy. The regular square variety can also help important information stand out on the page! When you run out of writing room on the page but need to remember a key concept, jot it down on a note and stick it on top.

Whether you’re in high school or completing post-grad work, handwritten notes can be the key to your success. Take the extra time to write notes and thoughts the old-fashioned way, and you’ll find yourself retaining the information more easily. With the best study supplies for taking notes by hand on your side, you won’t need to worry about essential concepts slipping through the cracks.

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