The Best Schools To Get a J.D. From in New York State

The Best Schools To Get a J.D. From in New York State

New York State offers some of the best legal graduate programs in the entire country, and many graduates from these institutions go on to have prosperous careers as lawyers. Gaining admittance into an NYS law school is challenging and requires excellent overall grades and LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores. If you’re considering applying in the Empire State, here are the best law schools to get a J.D from in New York State.

Columbia University

This prestigious private school boasts one of the best law programs in the entire world, with many of its graduates going on to have successful careers. The most impressive stat regarding Columbia’s law school is that nearly every student passes the bar exam—simply attending this school boosts your chances of becoming a lawyer.

The application process is competitive and requires more than just grades. Prospective students must have some work experience and volunteer hours under their belts as well as solid letters of recommendation.

National Ranking: 4

Required LSAT Score: 170–175

Post-Grad Salary: $65,000–$180,000

New York University

Located in Manhattan, New York University is beloved by its loyal alumni and well-regarded for its top-notch quality of education. Living in the heart of NYC is quite the experience, especially if you’re lucky enough to attend the NYU School of Law. Balancing city life and studying will be a challenge, but many graduates of this institution become great lawyers.

With the school’s close proximity to Wall Street, NYU students often gravitate to financial law or government and political law. This school is an excellent option if your grades aren’t up to Columbia standards. Tuition is high, so apply to any available full-ride scholarship opportunities.

National Ranking: 6

Required LSAT Score: 167–172

Post-Grad Salary: $60,000–$180,000

Cornell University

Falling within the top 15 law schools globally, Cornell offers a well-respected J.D. program with a high success rate among graduates. Cornell prefers well-balanced people who can thrive in their studies and maintain healthy routines—because of this, getting into the law program is difficult and requires exceptional marks across the board. The best part of Cornell Law School is the vast network of friendly alums. They’re great resources to use during your time at Cornell or as a professional.

National Rank: 13

Required LSAT Score: 164–168

Post-Grad Salary: $64,228–$180,000

Getting into your dream program is only the first step in a long road to becoming a thriving lawyer. No matter your choice, the best schools to get a J.D. from in New York State are sure to set you up for future success.

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