Stunning Ideas to Transform The Home Look


Every woman wants to transform their house to look more elegant and amazing. But sometimes it’s not possible to do because of the various factors like if a lady is not working in an office but she has to a lot of work at home as in looking after the family, kids, cleaning and cooking. So she must prepare herself mentally to improve her house before going into the process as it will be time- consuming. Your home must be looking beautiful as you are going to invest time, budget and effort into this all. Help can be taken from any specialist of Interior Fit- out services Dubai as they know how to do things properly on a limited budget. Here are some tips to change the look of your home.

Simple Decorations:

It’s not the more decorations that can change the look of your house but its simplicity and uniqueness. Try to add decorations that are trendy but simple in look. These things will add beauty and elegance giving your home a living look. Don’t try to add things that are too fancy and just hanging on the walls try to add some beautiful antique pieces that give you comfort and peace of mind. Also, keep in mind another factor that too much fancy and decorations are very difficult to clean so try to be simple as simplicity is the best thing one can wear.

Color Scheme:

When it’s about colour schemes, everyone has different choices so try to choose your colour by yourself with the help of any consultant. If you like to have bright colours then use them in the drawing- room and TV lounge not in the living or restroom as too much colour will cause discomfort while resting. You can use a blend of colours light and bright with the combination of your furniture, curtains, bedsheet covers. Try to maintain the uniqueness of every colour and do not blend altogether.

DIY projects:


DIY projects mean that you must pay attention to everything by yourself as any consultant will not guide you about little details. For example, while buying furniture pieces focus on the items that are easy to fit into your space and easy to clean also allows you to clean the floor between them. If there is any dust particle remaining there it can create serious dust allergies. Another thing is if you are going to buy rugs then must note that these are with partitions as it will allow you to clean easily. Any other person will not guide you about this all as these things will trouble only you at the end so pay attention.

Colour Palette:

Colour Palette is the idea that uses one colour scheme for one room at a time and divides the rooms into different categories like a warm room, lightroom and then paint it accordingly. Do not use too much colour on a wall as it will suppress the real look of the room. Use this one colour for all of your items in the room like for sofa covers, bed sheets, curtains everything. It will give your rooms gloomy and beautiful warmth.

Extra storage Ideas:

What if you do not have enough space to store the extra items or furniture that you are not going to keep in the new house after renovations. Then try some other ways like you can build some metal garage or metal building in the backyard of your house. These can be the best storage solutions as they can store extra materials without any damage and also they are durable & easy to use. You can also park your car or any other vehicle there for safety or in bad weather.

Wall Decor:

Wall decorations can be easy to look like but sometimes are very tricky to handle. If you are planning to DIY yourself then must follow the rule of thumb. Hang everything at a proper distance that is 57 inches also known as average human eyesight. While hanging any wall

decoration or artwork after hanging it take a look at it from some distance if it is in the middle, if it is easy to look at it is hanging too high or low if it looks different from your room decor. Notice if it is easy to look and looking perfectly blended with your decor then go ahead.

Keep it Balanced:


This is to be handled very carefully everything in the room must be in its place. The

professionals take care of the fact that balance and symmetry are in practice. The sofa should be in balance, the artwork, the bed, the dining, the chair and tables everything must be in its proper place not just putting it here and there is an ill manner. Every object must follow a proper arrangement and must be looking well in its place. If it’s unbalanced it will look like one side is decorated and is handled with care but the other is just not managed well. It will disturb the

setting of the entire room so keep everything balanced.

Cohesive Homes:

A cohesive home is an idea that every corner of the home has got proper attention while renovating it or decorating it. Sometimes it happens that people decorate one room at a time and give it proper attention but after that do not do same with other places. So when anyone is entering your home they must get a feeling that everything has taken its proper time and care while decorating it. The dining room, kitchen, hallway every space must be cohesive in painting, flooring and in everything but living rooms can be different as everyone has their choices but the home must be looking cohesive in itself.


These can be some of the ideas to transform a normal house into a stunning one with the help of these steps. Everyone should incorporate their efforts into this process to make it more

enjoyable and amazing otherwise the home renovation processes are just boring and messy. You can also take advice from any of the specialists from commercial fit out companies in Dubai.


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