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In modern times most things are done online and most of the work is thus done on the computer. This has led to the people sitting down more on the seats and working for longer hours than earlier.  Physical work has decreased a lot as most of the things are done by machines.

This has led to an increase in the number of various problems in the body. The major problems people are now facing are the back problems. However, this may be caused by physical work as well such as heavy lifting in work or bad posture during workouts, sudden falls, etc, but the chances are less.

People Sitting at work for long hours are more prone to suffer from spine problems. Sometimes these problems can be treated with physiotherapy or some mild medications while in some severe cases, there may be a need for surgery.

Since the spine is a delicate area in terms of body functionality. Any mistake during the surgery may lead to some kind of physical impairment, therefore, most people go to Lady Lake for treatment by Top Spine Surgeon.

Is it time to get a spine surgery

  • Most of the time people are confused about whether they need to have spine surgery or not. Some symptoms may be treated without surgery but if they are left untreated at the time they may lead to other severe symptoms which confirm the need to get spine surgery.


  • If a person is facing pain in the lower neck or the lower back, most of the doctors advise them to maintain their body posture during the work and prescribe them mild pain killers and ask them to do certain exercises that may help with the conditions. In such cases, the surgery is avoided as these symptoms are shown when the problem is just starting and it is still in the phase where it does not cause much discomfort to the person and can be treated easily.


  • However, if the condition is very serious for the patient, that is if the person has neurogenic pain and the person cannot get relief from the non-surgical treatment methods then the option for spine surgery is taken into consideration. However, there are a lot of complications that may occur during this surgery, hence the surgery is carried out by a Top Spine Surgeon to avoid any kind of problems during the surgery.

Different techniques for spine surgery


  • There are two main methods for spine surgery which are traditional spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery. Both these techniques are highly effective and have been proved to remove the problems related to the spine.


  • Traditional spine surgery involves full exposure of the anatomy for the surgery. The entire spinal area is open and then the surgery is conducted. Even though it is highly effective in treating the problem it does create a large wound that may take to get healed which may be painful and uncomfortable for the patient.


  • In minimally invasive spine surgery, only a small portion is opened to conduct the surgery. In the opening, the surgical aid is used. It also uses intraoperative spinal navigation that helps the surgeon to get a detailed view of the inside of the anatomy and then it is easy to carry out the surgery. The method is less painful and the patient recovers faster.


Everyone should be conscious about their health and if there is any problem in the body it is advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible so that the problem may get treated before it can get any serious.

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