Prohibited Items in Saudi Arabia Some of the most frequently asked questions relate to moving to Saudi Arabia

Prohibited Items

For the first time or  as a first-time visitor. A common problem faced by expats  is the question of what can they take with them when moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Can I bring my Bible to Saudi Arabia? “I heard that stuffed toys are banned in Saudi Arabia, is that true? “Can I go to Saudi Arabia with vanilla extract with a small amount of alcohol?” “” Can I travel to Saudi

Arabia with  books, laptops, iPads, iPods, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB sticks in my luggage? “Am I allowed to bring my personal medications, diabetes pens and injections

on board?” » Find

 Answers to these questions in the list of prohibited items below:

All information in this article is taken from the official website of Saudi Customs and this list is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the authorities. All queries regarding customs and banned items should be directed to Saudi Authorities.

COMPLETE LIST OF PROHIBITED ITEMS ACCORDING TO SAUDI CUSTOMS: Alcoholic drinks Alcohol Containing items, flavoring extracts, cooking wines, liquor, items containing liquor Wine making kits, alcohol distilling equipment, books on manufacturing of such drinks or any foods with alcohol as ingredient such as vanilla extract. Drugs without a prescription for personal use are prohibited and may be confiscated) All drugs, including injectables for diabetics, must have a doctor’s prescription and are for personal use only.

Hazardous/Hazardous Chemical Substances Natural pearls (a small amount of cultured pearls is allowed) Wireless transmitter/communication equipment (including pedestrians, shortwave, VHF, maritime, police  equipment, etc.) Binoculars, night vision or telescope equipment, drones, etc. Products containing pork, such as Frog meat Buddha statue , religious sculptures, altars, etc. All kinds of statues or objects in the form of people or animals that can be used for religious purposes and worship. * Excluding toys for children such as stuffed toys and dolls. Gambling (chess, dice, backgammon, poker chips, roulette, etc.) All weapons and firearms (real or decorative), including pistols, ammunition, explosives, firecrackers, spears and other bladed weapons. (Owner subject to investigation, fine and/or imprisonment) All obscene materials including books, DVDs, magazines

  • Women’s fashion magazines in which models are wearing revealing clothing may be confiscated. Politically sensitive content Articles and books that are contrary to Islamic or Saudi  beliefs or morals will not be admitted. Christmas trees, crosses, crosses, Star of David, or  other items related to religions other than the Islamic faith. * The Bible is for personal use only. In other words, it is one person, one Bible. Read this post about Christmas trees on the black market in Saudi Arabia:

Military uniforms or equipment of any kind Stuffed, ivory, fur Israeli Shekels Currency in excess of 60,000 Saudi Riyals must be declared.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE 100% of all deliveries, baggage, check-in and carry-on baggage upon entry into Saudi Arabia will be inspected in one of the following ways: XRay, dog snooper or by hand. Goods may be randomly selected  by customs officers. Delays are possible. If the document is rejected by the MOI after inspection, it will be confiscated for destruction and cannot be returned to the owner. The following products and goods may be intercepted at the time of importation and submitted to the Saudi Airways

Ministry of Information for review and approval: Newspapers Book Compact disc music or data files Computer games, game consoles DVD Photography media Cards containing electronic information e.g. satellite TV cards, ID cards, maps Laptops, Touchscreen Devices

Only these pets allow with following rules in Saudi Airline.

  1. Dogs: Only guard dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs are allowed in Saudi Arabia. The intended use of these dogs should be stated in the veterinary certificate. Authorization is required prior to arrival at the Saudi consulate/embassy

or relevant government agency in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Cats: Two veterinarian certificates and proof of rabies vaccination are required to confirm that they were vaccinated 12 months to 30 days prior to arrival. The health certificate must be approved by the Saudi Arabian Consulate in the country of origin.
  2. Birds: A health certificate and import permit from the National Wildlife Conservation and Development Commission are required. Prohibited: live chickens, turkeys, pigeons, ducks, geese, parrots.


Anyone asking questions about comments on a particular item is advised to  use common sense when submitting an item to the KSA. All personal medicines (prescriptions if necessary) and personal accessories are  for  personal use only and not for resale or distribution.

Generally, unless you intend to resell the item, it does not contain drugs or  alcohol or pork, and it is not a firearm or  device that could be used to spy on or  harm  the KSA. This item must be secure. Click eibik for more informative articles.

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