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At this moment in time, our technology has increased with the advancement of the running time. Everything with this time is running around the advanced world or you can say a few steps ahead of the age. Similarly, nothing in this age is impossible or takes your tough time to cope with. Upon hearing the name of voice over services, few of you must be thinking what it actually is. Firstly, Voice Over Services allows you to have the opportunity of testing your talent or maybe hidden talent with having your voice used over for giving a new taste to already released movies, dramas, shows and much more.

If you are thoughtful of presenting your voice over, but are confused about who to go with or who can see the inner you. You simply just do not need to think any further. Voice Overs Now platform will give you a chance to show your talent and get featured.

Services of Voice Overs Now:

Voice Overs Now put forth our services of different voices to play in different roles, plays, commercials or whatever else you want with our talented and professional speakers. Our already present clients are fully known about where to take the rhythm, where to focus and how to use their talent. We offer the facility of Voice demos first to check and select the artist which fascinates you the most so that you can go along with your choice.
A vast list of free voice demos is available for your Voice Over Services of every type. Following are the types of few of many demos we have up for grabs.

  • Announcer Voice
  • Urban
  • Holiday Themed Voice
  • Political Voice Overs
  • Spanish Voices
  • Deep Voice
  • CommercialsAbove listed includes our special services of Voice Overs. We not only present these but also have a range of much more.

Our Pricing Packages:

Voice Overs Now present you price rates which are surely affordable and easily in your range. Our Pricing rates depend upon the total number of words along with the total time span of acting on any Voice Over Services. Rates may also fluctuate but all according to your needs and keeping in view your ease plus affordability of you. We start on Voice Overs from as low as $39.

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List of Our Clients:

Our firm presents its artists to everyone who is in need. We have super talented artists, highly skilled moreover they assure you 100% positive feedback no matter who you take a try with. Here is a list of some well known companies whom we assist with our services.
FireHouse Subs

Ways Voice Over Services may Benefit your Business:

Many of you may be working on remaking or dubbing shows, commercials and other related series. Voice Overs Now is helping you with your work by providing your business with the voices of professional artists. No matter what voice it is, whether it may be any commercial, a recording of a movie, child voice or character voices, we are here to provide all that you want. All you need to do is select the type of artist you want. Your shows will rock the screen, it’s our guarantee.

Why Recommend Voice Overs Now:

Our firm provides you with the beneficial services of Voice Overs fulfilling all of the demands of yours. Our aim is to give you the right Voice for the right project plus the procedures we offer are not so tough as well. You just have to choose the one satisfying your demands, that’s all, rest is on our team. The artists we have in range are no doubt very talented and well known. A well cooperative team leads to a well known name of your own, this is what we believe in and so do we work upon our goals.

We have artists from different countries to have you attain your level of achievement and success all with us. Demo Voices we have at our site helps you alot with your time in accordance with budget. We keep in mind to make sure of your ease, so our rates are definitely according to your range as customer satisfaction is the goal of every company. Visit or call us now to have the artist of your choice and give us a chance to assist you with our best.

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