Increase Athletic Performance with Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Physiotherapy in Edmonton

The worst news for a sportsman or athlete is not being able to play the game due to physical limitations and injuries. It is where physiotherapists come in – they are certified professionals trained to deal with injuries and the overall physical fitness that every athlete needs. If you are a serious athlete from Edmonton, you should look for viable techniques to improve the overall performance, as you have dedicated your whole selves to reach utmost potential. There is still one thing missing with a good diet and nutritional supplements: physiotherapy in Edmonton. It is also a secret weapon for many athletes for their long-lasting and active careers.

If you are curious about how you can benefit from it, keep reading.

Physiotherapy in Edmonton Isn’t Just for Injured

Many people think physiotherapy is just for treating injuries, but why are you waiting to get injured? Why not take a proactive approach and see a physiotherapist for injury prevention techniques and exercises? This form of therapy treats the pain, prevents future injuries, and prepares an athlete’s body for grueling sports activities. 

To make it all possible, your physio in Edmonton can help with:

  • Identifying past injuries that were not healed properly
  • Teaching right stretching and warming up techniques
  • Prescribing a personalized injury prevention program
  • Designing an exercise plan to correct muscle imbalances and improve the movement

Physiotherapy Helps with Injury Rehabilitation and Management

The physiotherapist conducts a thorough assessment to diagnose accurately and design the right treatment for you. For this purpose, clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy will help you to work on:

  • Postural education
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Developing a program to help you safely return to training after injury
  • Referring to another health professional if the injury needs further treatment

Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton Boosting Sports Performance

How exactly can physiotherapy boost an athlete’s performance? The therapist can do a thorough evaluation to find the athletic anchors holding them back. Based on the results, they can help you with:

  • Sport-specific treatment for quick and maximum results
  • Gym and home-based training and exercises to build strength and flexibility
  • Exercises to improve the movement patterns
  • Improve core stability and breathing control

What Conditions Does A Therapist Can Treat?

Now that you know all the benefits of the best physiotherapy in Edmonton, the next question arises: is this for everyone? This section will cover all the injuries and conditions this form of treatment deals with to help the athletes.

The physiotherapy treats injuries to the neck and spine, hip, shoulders, hand, ankle/foot, and hand. The list of surgical and non-surgical medical conditions involved in the treatment include:

  • Pre & post-surgery treatment
  • Pre & post-op exercise plans
  • Improve soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Stretches and trigger point release
  • Sport-specific training
  • Strength training

What to Expect from Physiotherapy Session?

Usually, a physiotherapy treatment in case of an athletic injury can be divided into three phases:

Phase One

Right after the injury, the physiotherapist will reduce any inflammation or swelling that results from injury. Soft tissue massage or icing is the best thing to do at this time to reduce the pain. In addition, gentle stretches and mobility techniques will be used to restore the range of motion.

Phase Two

The next phase involves rehabilitation to build strength and improve the overall balance of the injured athlete. People who want to prevent injuries can start from this phase. The therapist will teach exercises and movements to help with underlying issues depending on the assessment result. 

Phase Three 

In the last phase, sport-specific exercises are included to improve endurance. The physiotherapist will keep a close eye as you replicate the suggested movements.

To know more about how physiotherapy in Edmonton can make an athlete’s life easier, move on to our next section, where we answer the questions of people looking to improve their athletic performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does physiotherapist help athletes?

A physiotherapist assesses athletes’ physical condition and performance-related profiles to help them enhance their performance. They also recommend personalized programs to optimize their fitness level.

Why do athletes need physiotherapy?

Getting physiotherapy in Edmonton will help the athletes deal with their injuries, manage pain, and improve their performance to stay optimal. They offer evaluation and treatment to help you stay active while preventing the chances of future injuries.

Does stretching improve athletic performance? 

Stretching improves blood circulation, range of motion, and muscle flexibility, ultimately helping athletes perform better during exercise and while playing.

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