Our Team Offers Unparalleled Landscaping Houston Services:

Landscaping Houston

Landscaping Houston:

In step with your home or business assets and presence is long and can be dangerous if certain apparatus is not used accurately. Not to allusion, hiring Landscaping Houston servicers who are inexpert and unresponsive can become an annoying headache. We guarantee a worry-free, expert job that’s completed carefully, appropriately, and to your complete satisfaction.

Topmost 5 Plants to Add Color to Your Landscaping:

The five plants emphasized under are not just colorful but also easy to attend to and are the perfect way to improve the beauty of a lawn design Landscaping Houston:


Lavender, identified as the purple king, is one of the most attractive and most scented flowers.  It sports a spectacular purple hue certain to be obvious in your garden and is best grown in part or complete sun and well-drained soil for the best color result. Lavender is not just imaginative; it also has vital oils and a mosquito-repelling scent.


Also acknowledged as the Japanese Barberry, Barberry is a deciduous, ever-green plant with thorny shoots. It produces into a dense shrub and is also drought-resistant, meaning low preservation. It has numerous colors, but the bright orange Sunjoy Tangelo is the top and calmest to maintain.

Camellia Sasanqua

It’s a late bloomer and can flinch to bloom anyplace from late summer through winter. In complete bloom, the Camellia Sasanqua forms big, semi or dual flowers with rich pink and crimson hues, creating a fabulous visual distinction to the milk-white snow blanket that methods in winter.


Perfect as an edge and a border shrub, abelia is an attractive shrub with tiny, subtle leaves that come in many colors ranging from a catchy gold to delicate but stunning burgundy. It has small, fragrant flowers that rely on the plant assortment and can have many colors such as greenish-yellow, bronze, burgundy, or lilac pink.

All assortments tend to have small, white blooms and very long bloom areas, making abelia a consistent food foundation of pollinators. Consider 100%TLC a proficient from a landscaping corporation in Houston for guidelines on the best Abelia variety for your landscape.

Brandywine Viburnum Nudum

The Brandywine Viburnum Nudum doesn’t just enhance color to your landscape gardening — it also leaves you with a group of colorful appetizing berries (they’re highly acidic, though). It structures attractive white flowers that turn into bunches of wonderful berries that change from green to lively pink and vivid blue sorts.

Landscaping Houston

Building A Brick Garden Wall:

If you need to build a garden wall out of brick, you’ll want to choose what bricklaying method to use. The stretcher bond system is the most common technique to build a wall due to its asset. Each brick on your following course will finish in the middle of the blocks on your primary course. If your wall is virtuously pretty, you may discover it informal to use the stacker bond technique. Each block is loaded straight on top of the one under. Both of these techniques need mortar to grasp them together and skill to keep them parallel and precipitously level. And your first progression of bricks is the most vital to lay.

You’ll regularly require to dig out a base – recognized as a footing – for any wall if you want to get Landscaping in Houston. This must be cemented and leveled off. Each brick you lay will want a small quantity of mortar on one end beforehand being gently appointed down onto the mortar bed. To keep the level of your development and on track, go a string of advice at the height you want your course to be.

Our Landscaping Services Stand Apart:


Maintaining Your World

100%TLCis there for you to support and uphold your world, keep business processes running efficiently, and build durable, long-term customer relationships.

Teamwork, Training & Technology

Our dedicated training programs make our team members offer unparalleled Landscaping Houston services that are exclusive to our client’s requirements. We work meticulously with clients to build a program that talks about any concerns, creating an environment that our customers can enjoy and pride themselves on. You need to install the best watering system in your garden so your plants and garden remain fresh. Chose Sprinkler Houston for the watring system of your garden.

State-of-the-Art Services

With our advanced technology, our services set the standard in capability administration by accepting the art.

All the services your business needs are in one place

On top of Landscaping services, 100%TLC delivers a variety of other combined facility and security services. Security Services, Technology Services, and Professional Services such as Janitorial Services and Risk Advisory and Consulting Services.

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