Netgear Armour

NETGEAR Armor is a multi-layer cyber security solution that safeguards not just your network but also your devices. NETGEAR Armor guards against viruses, malware, hackers, spam, and phishing on your devices.

Because Netgear manufactures a wide range of routers and networking equipment, it has prioritized security. The corporation manufactures a lot of networking equipment. All of those devices connect to the Internet, making them a possible weak point in our home’s defense against hostile attacks utilizing viruses and trojans. DoS attacks are a type of cyber-attack. Other cyber risks, such as security cameras, smart gadgets, and entry systems, can bring our PCs to a halt and target other linked devices in our houses. We can’t afford to leave our devices vulnerable. With the Netgear armour, you sure know all your Netgear MiFi devices are safe too.

The following are the benefits of NETGEAR Armor:

  • Network vulnerability assessment: This service scans for and finds network weaknesses to provide a weekly security report.
  • End-point device protection: safeguards any PCs, mobile devices, and smart home gadgets connected to your network, whether located locally (at home) or remotely (away from home)
  • Security updates sent automatically: Sends real-time updates and notifications for network incidents.
  • Device detection and management: This feature allows you to manage or block devices that connect to your network or attempt to connect.
  • Level of protection: Indicates how secure your home network and linked devices are. This ranking is expressed as a protection level score that goes from 0 (critical) to 99 (very dangerous) (excellent). Depending on your protection level, security recommendations and ideas are shown.

Viruses, malware, ransomware, dangerous links, and other internet threats are all blocked before they reach your network.

Lastly, Netgear provides digital security for your digital life. What is digital security? Digital security refers to safeguarding your computer, mobile devices, tablets, and any other Internet-connected devices from intruders such as hacking, phishing, and other forms of cybercrime. You could also use digital security to prevent firms from using and selling your personal information. VPNs, password managers, and identity monitoring services are just a few of the ways to safeguard oneself online.

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