Maintenance Secrets for Period Undies Revealed


Every woman understands the challenges of dealing with the menstruation period every month. Aside from the pain and discomfort, you may also feel conscious about the possible leaks that may stain your outfit, especially if you are wearing light-coloured clothes. Fortunately, women can now choose to wear period undies to protect themselves from sudden leaks and other discharges.

Period underwear is specially designed reusable undies made to manage period fluid instead of disposable products like pads or tampons. Some women opt to use it during their lighter flow days, but others put them on for added protection during the heavy flow. Since this type of panties absorb period blood, making sure that they stay clean and hygienic after every use should be your number one priority. Here are several reliable tips to help you take care of your period panties and pants so you can reuse them longer.

Hand Washing Period Underwear

Washing your period panties by hand can be the best idea since you must clean your panties as soon as you take them off.

Once you remove your period undies, you need to rinse them with cold water to get rid of as much blood as possible. Then add a little amount of laundry detergent to scrub off the stains. It would be best to use gentle laundry soaps that do not contain harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the undies’ material.

Rinse the panties every few seconds to ensure that all the blood comes off. As soon as the water begins to run clear, you can squeeze out the water and hang them out to dry.

Machine Washing Period Underwear

You may also wash your period underwear in your washing machine. You need to use cold water and gentle laundry soap when washing blood-soaked panties on the washer as you normally do if you choose to clean the panties through handwashing. However, you need to put it on a delicate cycle to avoid messing up the fabric of the undergarments.

Drying Your Period Underwear

Natural line drying is the best way to dry your period undergarments. It is best to dry it under the heat of the sun since sunlight comes with natural anti-microbial properties. You need to wait 10 to 12 hours for a pair of panties to dry completely.

Remember, period undergarments must never be placed in the dryer. The heat from the machine will cause the fabric’s revolutionary multi-layer fluid-proof protection to deteriorate and harm the efficacy of the period underwear.

Investing in Period Underwear

If you plan to ditch the disposable pads and tampons and wear period pants for the entire cycle, you need to buy at least five to seven pairs of panties. It will allow you to have enough to change into while waiting for the others to dry after washing.


Wearing period pants can be a new way to keep yourself stain-free during your monthly menstruation period. They are not only gentle on your skin but on the environment as well. You only need to ensure that you clean and sanitise it properly so you can enjoy wearing the reusable menstrual undies for a long time. If you know how to take care of these panties, they will also care for you during your delicate days of the month.

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