Is CCNA certification worth it?

CCNA certification is one of the most preferred and highly valued certifications that develop professional careers. CCNA focuses on monitoring, managing and maintaining the network foundation. It also covers basic concepts of networking and functioning of devices such as routers, switches, repeaters, etc. Another benefit of the certification is that it covers the latest and advanced network technologies such as automation and programmability. CCNA-certified professionals gain skills in installing and managing the entire organization’s network.

One of the most important benefits of obtaining the CCNA training in dubai is Cisco’s reputation in the industry. Cisco is continually improving its services and products. Its popularity and market share are also increasing with time. Cisco certifications are highly preferred by employers when hiring candidates for job roles in networking technology. Adding this certification to your resume will leave a good impression on the hiring panel. Apart from this, Cisco CCNA credential will allow you to:

How does CCNA compare to other networking certifications?

Cisco is one of the most respected companies, especially in networking. The CCNA course in dubai  is about general and basic networking; therefore, it is suitable for anyone who wants to start their career in this field. There are not many entry-level networking certifications that can stand with it for comparison.

How should you prepare for the CCNA?

There are different ways to prepare for the CCNA certification in dubai exam:

Self-study resources: you can prepare for the CCNA certification by self-study, including books, videos, study guides, and practice questions.

Instructor-led training: you can choose instructor-led CCNA training online to prepare for the Online CCNA Training in dubai exam; you can learn directly from networking experts. The instructor-led training helps you gain an in-depth understanding of each concept.  Nlptechforma provides all the necessary preparation guidance for the CCNA certification exam.  Nlptechforma focuses on a range of IT security and networking training. Qualified instructors deliver the interactive training sessions with years of industry experience. You can check out and enroll in our CCNA certification training to prepare for the certification exam.


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