Is AOL Mail Not Working – Here are the Ways to Fix it

AOL mail not working

AOL mail is a quite popular mail service; which is used by the users to use the email services of the AOL. But some of the users have noticed that there is some problem occurring with AOL mail on their iPhone and also on iPad. For example the users are facing problems like it is showing an error message at the bottom of the screen; sometimes it is also indicating the message on the screen that the AOL mail is not working on iPhone properly. 

So in this blog we will be looking at the possible solutions that can fix the AOL mail working on iPhone issue of the readers. So without wasting any moment let’s move ahead for the same. 

Troubleshooting Methods to get Done with the Problem –

  • Turning on and of the Device you are Using 

Sometimes the problem could be solved only by simply turning off the device that you are using and after turning it off you then have to turn it on. It could fix the bugs and the technical glitches that you are facing and help you to put AOL mail at proper work again. Turning off the device is very simple by just pressing the power button for a long time; then using the same procedure again to turn it on. Now you need to return to the Mail app again and then try using the AOL mail again. 

  • Deleting the Account and then Adding it Again

You can mend your problem with AOL mail by simply deleting your account and then adding it again on your iPhone and iPad so that your problem could be solved and then you can also continue using it again. 

  • First of all you need to open the Settings option on your iPhone and iPad account. 
  • After this you need to go to the Mail tab and click on it.
  • In the third step you have to click on the Delete account option after you have selected your AOL account on the device. 
  • Then you need to go back to the Mail settings and click on the Add account option; then choose AOL and then login and then later on authenticate the AOL email address which you want to add to your account. 
  • Lastly you just need to check on the AOL email box again and your AOL mail will start working properly. 
  • Using the AOL App 

Well the users can try to use the AOL app to avoid the AOL email issues in the browser and the users can simply download as well as install it on the iPad and you can also do it on your iPhone so that you can access the AOL email account from your device and use it for further purposes. Using the app could save your troubles which you might face on the browser while accessing the AOL mail account. So after downloading and accessing the account , you also have to launch it; then add your account and then fill up your email address; enter the password of your account too to add your AOL account on your device using the app. 

  • Updating the App you are Using 

Sometimes the problem could be with your app that you are using; like if you have not updated your application to the latest version; you will miss out the latest features for the same app. So, the same goes with the AOL mail app; you need to look for the updates of the AOL mail app; if there are any updates then you should update it to the latest version; so that you do not miss out anything and have the complete access to the AOL mail account of yours. 

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