Instagram post ideas that help you grow your account quickly

Managing an Instagram brand page is not simple. It’s a constant balancing act between posting at the optimal time, engaging with your audience on the move, and coming up with fresh ideas to outwit the algorithm. You don’t have to abandon what works for you. Still, if you’re looking for some additional inspiration to reinvigorate your approach, it’s never a bad idea to experiment with various types of Instagram posts and Stories.
The following are some innovative post ideas for your Instagram brand account. They include in-feed, Stories, Live, and IGTV content. While some may be trivial to implement, others will require some forethought. The goal is to diversify the content on your account to maintain your audience’s active participation.

1. Provide a mental pause for your audience by posing a difficulty.

Our lives are usually so hectic, dashing from one task to the next, that self-care activities fall by the wayside. Rather than publishing an ordinary photograph, create one that causes your viewers to pause and reflect a little.
Additionally, the designs are similar to other stories they’ve created, so if you’ve seen them before, you’ll know what to expect. This promotes brand identification among the target demographic.

2. Confront a frequent stumbling block

This can happen daily, weekly, or monthly. To do so, you’ll either need to conduct a study on pre-existing issues or build your own that makes sense for your business.
Additionally, you might create a system for the challenge that encourages your audience to participate and submit their interpretations of the photograph to businesses. Additionally, you can improve participation with your challenge by utilizing distinctive Instagram hashtags.

Creative Instagram content encourages interaction, sharing, and saves—all of which are essential KPIs for growing your Instagram profile.

3. Begin by writing a caption and then locating the photograph.

Set a goal of writing captions first and then sourcing or developing the relevant photos for brands with a distinct voice. Some may believe that organizing your content is easier if you have a clear idea of the message or mood you aim to convey rather than creating a caption unique to the provided photograph.

While we cannot be certain that Oatly’s team writes the caption first, we know they have a big web presence. It is often longer than the standard brand caption and has a brisk yet meandering tone. When your copywriting is effective, you may use it to create the accompanying image.

4. In your bio, including a picture essay and a link to your website.

Our next post comes from the publishing industry, continuing the theme of incredible captioned copywriting. When your business is founded on strong content, whether photographs, written content, or video content, that foundation extends to your social media presence.
The New York Times adopted a gallery post into a photo essay by extracting terms from the item and adding a caption to tell a tale about sexual assault in the military. The summary appears in the caption, and anyone interested in reading the full text can do so via a link in the profile.

5. Incorporate teasers for products

Are you an Instagram user that uses the platform to promote new products or services? Rather than directly announcing a new product, develop curiosity with Stories and posts. Excitement can be generated by teaser photographs, videos, and question stickers.



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6. Host a flash sale in Stories for one day only.

Not all posts in Stories are permanent. They do, after all, evaporate within 24 hours. Make the most of this by using Stories to promote flash sales. Flash sales can range from the predictable (see our prior post on teasers) to the unexpected in the retail industry. They are succinct in any case and push consumers to act swiftly to prevent missing out on an opportunity.

7. Interview with a storyteller

This is a twist on the social media takeover concept and a possible solution for those hesitant to give a stranger access to their virtual profiles. Increase engagement by asking your followers questions and responding in a new Story

8. Stream instructional videos live

There are numerous approaches to a Live video, and the best technique for your brand is totally up to you. Broadcasting events and conducting interviews are the two most often used live video options. You can influence expectations by collaborating on a Live instructional video. Additionally, you can answer questions directly from the response in the interactive how-to video.
With a photo of the ingredients, Pressed Juicery previewed their new drink, the Tumeric Almond Signature Blend. with a photo of the ingredients. Because the teaser post contained a timeline for when the news will be released, prompting the audience to bookmark the page in anticipation of tomorrow’s publication.
To stimulate curiosity, you are not necessary to produce cryptic postings. Collaborate with influencers to promote new features in conjunction with product launches. You could use survey in Stories to engage your following in dialogue. Make it a guessing game and provide a present to the first correct responders.

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