Idaho car accident: How can an attorney help?

Auto accidents and crashes are not uncommon in Idaho. Getting injured in such an accident is unfortunate, but you should take immediate action as long as you are physically capable of doing so. Call 911 if someone is injured and inform the local police right away. Call your insurance company and let them know of the crash. Once things settle a bit, you should consult an Idaho car accident attorney, preferably before you give a statement to the at-fault party’s insurer. People often don’t want to hire a lawyer because they are too overwhelmed with the consequences and financial distress. In this post, we are sharing how an accident attorney can help your case. 

Explaining the basic details 

Victims often have many questions after a car accident. An accomplished and proficient lawyer will listen to your case and explain some basic details like – 

  1. Factors that may have caused the accident (based on primary evidence)
  2. Losses that you can recover
  3. Required personal injury paperwork
  4. What you should say to the insurance claims adjuster
  5. If the matter is likely to go to trial
  6. How your fault can impact the outcome

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Investigate the case

The attorney is in charge of investigating the accident. This could involve considerable work. From getting the police report and gathering evidence from the accident scene to talking to witnesses, experts, and accident reconstruction specialists. Lawyers can gather and evaluate evidence to ensure that your case is airtight, regardless of how things shape up in the future. 

Dealing with the insurance company

Do not assume that the insurance representative is on your side. Their eventual goal is to reduce what they pay in a settlement. If you hire an attorney, they will talk to the insurance company on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement. You don’t have to give a statement or say anything until your lawyer says so. If the offered settlement is unacceptable, your lawyer could file a civil lawsuit later. Typically, lawyers know what it takes to get a decent settlement for the endured losses. 

The good part is injury lawyers in Idaho take a contingency fee from clients injured in auto accidents. This means that the attorney only gets paid when they win a settlement for you. Ensure that the attorney you choose has experience representing clients in court and doesn’t shy away from asking about their top settlements, cases, and client references. 

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