Human Immune System and cold virus

I have been thinking a lot about antigens, antibodies, and natural treatments of the flu virus.

If you receive treatment or live in a natural environment such as forest (oxygen) bathing and natural disinfection (phytoncide/fungicide emitted by plants to defend it), you can recover your health much faster than now. I was thinking a lot about whether it would help shorten the time, but when I heard the news about the treatment method or cure for the cold virus, I became more interested in natural treatment.

As a specific example, when trauma occurs in the human body, there is a clear difference (law of experience) between city life and natural life in the healing rate.

Currently, Korea’s medical standards are world-class, and in the case of dental technology, I personally feel and experience that domestic technology is far superior to the EU.

However, when I see articles about the novel virus and related natural remedies, I look back again.

For example, when they catch a cold or flu, instead of prescribing a strong drug that kills the antigens of the cold virus, they may use a prescription that can help boost the human immune system or restore it to a normal state (in Europe, ingredients extracted from natural plants are used as medicines). It is taking an approach that helps the body to produce antibodies that can fight and overcome the cold antigen by itself through the use of many).

To improve Immune System

Isn’t the purpose of strengthening and improving the immune system (natural treatment system) so that humans can fight and win on their no matter what kind of virus enters the human body?

Treatment for the immune system

There is currently treatment for the novel virus worldwide.

Nevertheless, successful experiences or effects are being shown in many countries using the adjuvant treatment for AIDS, which helps to restore the human immune system to a normal state.

Although it is important to develop therapeutic drugs to solve the problems that have already occurred, research on methods (preventive measures) that can further strengthen the human immune system use Ziverdo Kit, Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg, and Buy Ivermectin online

I personally think a lot about whether or not it is more important.

Although I am a person with no property and no possessions, how can I make the most of the benefits of civilization and live a healthy life and die while living a natural life that I expect for the rest of my life?

When a person loses health, at that moment everything becomes useless and in vain.

Right now, I am maintaining a state of health that is not inconvenient to live in, but I am living with the possibility that various bad diseases also exist in my body, and the world does not allow any special exceptions to anyone. It is well recognized through the rule of thumb that it does not.

If it weren’t for the novel virus, I would have already run to the shelter of Mother Nature, regardless of the cold or the weather.

– Cold weather weakens the human immune system.

– Forest (oxygen) bathing and natural disinfection strengthen the human immune system.

In everything in the world, pros and cons always coexist.

From what I have experienced while living in a shelter in nature for about a fortnight in very cold weather during the year-end and New Year holidays when I wake up from the tent in the morning due to the cold weather, I have some cold symptoms such as a runny nose, and then the sun begins to shine in the morning. The process of disappearing immediately after doing so was repeated all the time.

A repetition of the process in which a cold virus enters the body for a while due to cold weather while sleeping then disappears during the day then reappears and disappears the next day. careprost used to treat

I know that the elderly and children are spending most of their time at home because of the novel virus, but I understand the difficulties myself as I am experiencing the same problem.

It is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two, so from a mid-to-long-term perspective, various alternatives (breakthroughs) and wisdom of life are required.

Looking at the weather forecast, I am fortunate and a little comforting.

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