How to Protect your Hoverboard against Fire Risks?


You definitely have spent a handful of money buying a hoverboard for yourself or your kids; you certainly don’t want to squander your hard-earned money. There have been hundreds of cases registered where hoverboards catch fire because of multiple reasons. The consequences can be lethal as a single burning hoverboard can light the whole house on fire and it can be heartbreaking. What can you do about it? Obviously, there are some steps to mitigate this threat but it starts with buying a UL 2272 certified hoverboard because they check everything before rolling it into the market. Unfortunately, even a flawlessly and impeccably designed hoverboard with a UL 2272 certification could cause a fire but it happens. How does it happen? The owners were not taking proper care of the board but here are some of the steps that you can take to avoid it:

1- Don’t buy a really cheap hoverboard or one that isn’t UL-certified

Let’s start with this as it is crystal clear, you cannot compromise on the quality. You get what you pay for but don’t be bugged in the market, spend $1000+ to get the best hoverboard. Cheap hoverboards are available for under 200 USD. You should not go ahead and take the risk by buying a hoverboard that is not UL 2272 certified.


2- Don’t charge longer than the recommended time

You probably hear the stories about hoverboards exploding overnight or when their owners leave them charging for hours and don’t pay attention to the details. If you read the manual adequately, you must know that most hoverboards just take 3 hours at the most to charge fully. They should be unplugged after the full charge. If you don’t do that on time, you can make a mess of it. It saves energy but, more than anything else, it saves the battery too. Leaving a hoverboard charging for too long can overcharge the battery thus damaging everything. Even perfect batteries can explode but don’t try to overcharge the battery.


3- Don’t leave a fully-charged hoverboard lying around for very long

It’s a serious concern because you can’t leave your fully charged hoverboard lying around for too long. Experts recommend that you should take it for a short ride and get the battery down to 90%. It’s not a good idea to leave your fully charged hoverboard in your garage. It’s good for battery life as well.


4- Keep your hoverboard in a cool area

You should know that hoverboard batteries are very susceptible and prone to heat. It means if they get too hot or placed at a hotspot, they can easily explode. It’s an established truth that lithium-ion batteries are more unstable than other batteries. Everything comes with pros and cons and lithium-ion batteries have their cons as well. You have to make sure that you don’t leave your hoverboard in a room where sunlight stays for yours. You got to find a cool place, away from flammable objects and keep your board there. Why is that? You can expect your hoverboard not to explode but if, unfortunately, it does, you want to make sure it doesn’t start a fire.

5- Play nice with your board

You can get your hoverboard tested and certified by UL but, in the end, you have to take care of your hoverboard prudently. They will break if you smash them around and ride them recklessly. You have to protect your hoverboard from risky places and don’t try it on tough terrains unless you have an all-terrain hoverboard. The quality should be checked before making the purchase but you have to cushion it.

Along with kayaks, hoverboarding is also fun nowadays. But, they should be driven with extreme precautions to avoid any inconvenience. 


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