How To Prevent Mold Growth on Your Commercial Property

How To Prevent Mold Growth on Your Commercial Property

As an owner or manager of a commercial property, having colonies of mold develop at your place of business is dangerous to employees, customers, and the building itself. It might seem like merely a minor cleanup job, but a mold infestation on your property can severely damage the walls, structure, and foundation, while also harming people’s respiratory health. It’s essential to prevent mold as early as you can to prevent this from happening. Today, we’ll be discussing how to prevent mold growth on your commercial property.

Fill In the Cracks

If there’s a particular area where mold can grow, it’s in between cracks. While you can’t spot every crack in your property, it’s crucial that you immediately fix it up or have it repaired when you do notice one. The longer these cracks remain unattended, the more likely molds are to grow in these areas of your property.

Minimize Moisture

Where there is moisture, there’s a high possibility of mold growth. This makes it important to constantly assess the moisture levels within your property or get proper water drainage. Poor water drainage could particularly worsen the mold in your home or even trigger a brand-new mold infestation. If your property doesn’t have an adequate drainage system yet, it is best to get one before mold starts developing. After all, prevention is better than the cure.

Maintain Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC unit may not get the regular maintenance it needs, which makes it easy for mold to form. If there’s mold in your unit, you unknowingly spread mold around your property each time you turn your HVAC unit on. Make sure to regularly clean and maintain your unit to prevent this from happening, especially the ducts and filters.

Call a Professional

There are professionals who know how to inspect mold and how likely it is to form in a particular property. If you really want to avoid the damage of a mold infestation, you could leave it to the professionals to inspect the place and see if there are any areas prone to mold you should pay closer attention to.

Don’t Wait To Get Started

These tips should lend insight into ways to prevent mold growth on your commercial property. Before mold growth becomes a complete disaster, do everything you can to prevent colonies from forming altogether. Don’t wait for mold to form before you take these preventive measures. With the strategies mentioned above, you’re a step closer to a mold-free property.

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