How to prepare for IELTS? The 4-step plan

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Preparing for IELTS usually begins when you find out that you need a certain IELTS score for your visa or university entry application. Many students then spend months stressing and prepaying. But if you think about it, your IELTS Preparation Course in dubai started several years ago, when you first started learning English. It is good to feel that you are already on the right track.

IELTS aims to test your English level accurately, so in an ideal world, preparing for IELTS would only mean improving your English. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Here is my 4-step plan to help you prepare for the IELTS test.

1st step: know where you are

If you don’t know your current level of English on the IELTS scale, you don’t know what you need to do to reach your goal. The first step in your preparation for IELTS should therefore be to test your current level. There are many tests on the market, but the easiest way to check your IELTS score is to take the EF SET test . This is a 1 hour test, which will give you an EFSET score as well as an equivalent IELTS score for reading and listening comprehension. Unless your speaking skills are totally different from your writing skills, you now know where you stand.

2nd step: improve your English

You knew this was going to be part of the plan steps, right? Improve your English by using online tools, books, or by taking lessons. You need to work on all aspects of your English: reading, listening, writing and speaking. You can use special tools for IELTS, but you don’t have to at this stage of the preparation. Any of the techniques for learning English that you find interesting can be effective in preparing for IELTS. For example :

Read in English on topics that interest you, forcing yourself to look at the meaning of every word you don’t understand. Newspapers and magazines are great ways to build your vocabulary. Reading will help you write better, but practice writing too. Don’t limit yourself to just one style of writing. It is good practice to have a diary in English, write short stories and practice writing essays. Edit your own work or find someone to review it with you.

Watch movies or listen to the radio in English. Go over the sequences that escaped you until you understand them.

Speaking can be tricky, but if you look carefully, you can find a language exchange partner, on the internet or in your city. Force yourself to talk about more advanced topics than a simple “Hello, how are you?” “.

There are also good IELTS Preparation Course in dubai or abroad, as well as at schools near you. If you have the budget to invest in an IELTS preparation course, it can boost your efforts and take you straight to Step 3.


3rd step: learn everything about the IELTS test format

Improving your English is not enough to get a great IELTS score. A native English speaker who takes the IELTS will not get a perfect score if they do not study the test itself. You need to know how the test scoring works, what length of text is requested for each answer, and when points are removed or added. There can be little essential things like:

4th step: test yourself again

When you feel that you have improved your English and familiarized yourself with the IELTS test, there is one more step before you register for the exam. Test yourself again. If you took the EFSET Plus in Step 1, take it a second time to see how much you’ve improved. If you can take an IELTS speaking or writing test, do that as well. It doesn’t matter what you opt for, but don’t skip this step. This is the only way to know if you are ready to spend your money on taking the official exam. There is no point in registering for IELTS if you are not ready to obtain the score you want.

With this 4-step IELTS preparation plan, you can go to your test session with confidence. Although the challenge is difficult, you will be ready to get the score you want. When you get your IELTS score, you will see that your IELTS preparation has paid off.

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