How to Make a Product Card Selling: 5 Simple Tips


Only a few things are essential to an eCommerce store as the buyer journey, yet many eCommerce stores continue to struggle with this. The process of converting prospects into customers is a long and difficult one. However, a very tricky part of it is the use of a product card. Product cards are a popular feature in the customer journey because of the crucial purpose that it serves beyond the aesthetics. It ensures that the eCommerce brand can please its customers as they go through the buyer journey.


Product cards play a vital role in customer conversion. This product page shows the images of all the available items for sale on the eCommerce website, intending to entice the visitors and give them the relevant textual and visual information they need to buy the products.


All eCommerce websites must get it right to create their product cards because of how important it is to improve sales. It is common knowledge that over 95 percent of online store visits don’t lead to customer purchase, and cart abandonment is one of the most typical problems that eCommerce stores face. So, customers must have a smooth journey from when they first visit the website through to the checkout process, and product cards play a crucial role in this. 


The question now is, how do you make a product card that boosts sales? Here are five simple tips for you.


  1. Use high-quality images 

The product images that you use on your product card must be of the highest quality. Photos play a crucial role in product cards. They are the foundation of the design and must be precisely what the customers want to buy. The pictures or images must feel real to the customers, real enough to convince them to open their purses. 

With high-quality photos, it is easier to persuade the customers about a product that they are thinking of buying. Here’s how to use pictures for product cards:

  • Every image must be high-quality.
  • Use the photos to show different views of the product
  • Reveal context with photos


  1. Be persuasive with your CTAs.

Your CTA must be encouraging and persuasive enough to make the website visitors buy. You must add links or buttons to your product card asking the customer to “Add to cart,” “Shop the collection,” “Add to basket,” “Sign up here.” The goal of your product card is to make website visitors click on the CTA. 


If shoppers cannot add products to carts from the product card, it will cause you to miss out on some sales. Here are some CTA tips for your product card:

  • Make sure your words are clear.
  • Use large buttons to make clicking easy.
  • Use a contrasting color to attract their attention.
  • Place the CTA in the best possible position, such as close to the product’s image.


  1. Be clear with your pricing. 

Some buyers look for the price first before considering the product’s features. So it makes sense to put the price early and clearly on the product card. Even for expensive products, you may set the price near the title or shopping cart icon so that it’s easy for the customers to spot it. 

Be sure to use a contrasting color and large font sizes for the price. If you are struggling to find the right spot for your price on the product card, then you need to go back to the design drawing board. Price visibility on your product card is essential.


  1.  Use short and informative descriptions

As stated in some dissertation help services, product descriptions help give the product card a boost as it allows the customer to understand the value and feature of a product and why they have to buy it. Your product description must be written compellingly and makes it easy for you to sell the product. It must be direct, straightforward, and sweet. 


  1.  Product name 

This doesn’t seem right, but many eCommerce sites still forget to include the product name in their product card. It is one of the things that customers look out for. It is not something that you can forget. It is a no-brainer. Make sure you add the product name to your product card and make it short and descriptive to attract more clicks.



Product cards are one of the most essential and practical tools for eCommerce websites. It helps the customer go through the buyer’s journey with ease and makes it easier for the store to convert more customers. Therefore, eCommerce websites must have a sound product card, and this article mentions tips to help eCommerce brands do this. 

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