How To Know It’s Time for a New CNC Machine

The debate of repairing or replacing your machinery is at the forefront of your mind when things begin to go south. But how do you settle the debate? Sometimes it’s easier to repair a part than completely start over, but that might not be the best decision. Let’s look further into how to know it’s time for a new CNC machine.

Replacement Parts Are Hard To Come By

At the beginning of a machine’s life, it’s easy to replace parts as they break down and tune up the others as you deem necessary. But as technology progresses and processes become more straightforward, it becomes difficult to locate and replace parts.

Factories will begin producing the newer versions of parts to keep up with the advancements. Because of this, there is a limited ability to locate the parts you need, and generally, they are costly.

Safety Becomes a Concern

A struggling machine or a machine that can’t meet demands creates a safety risk during operating hours. A CNC machine offers many benefits to the medical industry, and it’s unsafe for the patient and the medical staff to experience reoccurring malfunctions. Here are a few things to consider regarding safety:

  • Does the machine periodically crash?
  • Does the device seem to be losing positioning?
  • Has the controller stopped responding?

Efficiency Drops

It’s essential to perform speed testing regularly to gain awareness of performance. An excellent way to know it’s time for a new CNC machine is slower production rates. Though the results may not be comprehensive until after a long stretch of time, the speed tests will always reveal issues.

Even the smallest amount can add up in a quarter to accumulate hours lost and decreased production. Slight wear and tear on timing circuits or a simple lack of lubrication can drastically affect outcomes.

Overall, the CNC machine is the backbone of your production, so it’s critical to treat it as such. If parts are still affordable and easy to find, consider performing all repairs promptly to avoid a costly replacement. You must perform regular maintenance to uncover the depth of the machine’s needs.

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