How to Fix Outlook Crashes on iPhone?

Outlook Keep Crashing

At times, the outlook can keep crashing for iPhone users too and it can be very frustrating and embarrassing at the same time. In case, Outlook is crashing, freezing for a few seconds, or closing itself suddenly, you can go through this easy-to-read guidebook to untie all the Outlook Crashing Issues:

Let’ start with checking out some general Problems with their required solutions to sort out Outlook crashing on your iPhone devices:

Fix Outlook Crashing Problems

Problem 1: You must be using an outdated version of Outlook
Solution 1: If this is the case, then directly go to your App Store and check for any required updates to install or upgrade to the latest version of Outlook

Problem 2: Your device must be overloaded with Browser caches
Solution 2: In this case, either you can delete your Outlook App data from the settings or directly from the Outlook App, if possible.

Problem 3: Internet connectivity issues
Solution 3: Just check your Internet connectivity issues. For this, check your WiFi connections, check the proper speeds of your internet services. And if then reconnecting does not work, just connect with your ISPs(Internet Service Provider)

After dealing with some go-to problem fixes, let’s check out the major solutions in case you are not able to solve Outlook crashing yet.

Method 1: Remove the Outlook App from the section where apps are running in the background of your device.

For this, click on the home button of your iPhone twice and search for outlook. Then, slide up the app to remove it from recent apps.

Method 2: Uninstall and Install Outlook

Your Outlook Account might be filled with some unnecessary files or data, to clear it out at once. Just Uninstall the app and download it again from the App store

Method 3: Switch Off/On Airplane Mode

Just scroll up the screen and click on the airplane symbol to turn on the airplane mode. After 5 seconds, use the same method to turn off the Aeroplane mode and start using outlook

Method 4: Restart your iPhone

The easiest method to resolve any glitches or issues is by turning off teh device. So, just turn off your iPhone for 5 seconds and turn it on

Method 5: Reset iPhone Settings

Your Outlook might be crashing due to some unsettled Reset Settings of your iPhone. To Reset iPhone Settings, just open Settings in your iPhone>> Go to General settings>> Click on Reset Tab>> Directly Reset all Settings

Method 6: Update iOS on your iPhone

Probably, you are using an outdated version of your iPhone and you haven’t upgraded your device. For this, just go to Settings>> Click on About>>Go to Software Update, and install the latest upgrade or version.

If you are unable to resolve the Outlook crashing issues on your iPhone device or for any further details, just visit website.

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