How To Create Custom Photo Prints for Birthday

Birthdays are happy occasions that should be cherished! Be it yours or someone else’s, this special day calls for happy vibes only. While there are ways to do so, gifts are the finest of all options.


Speaking of gifts, what’s better than a beautiful customized photo? Photo prints are efficient ways to display the best memories with friends. You can combine the best clicks and make a perfect present for your loved ones.


Besides, nowadays, there are so many varieties that you could never go out of innovative ideas. So, if you want an interesting photo print idea for a birthday, then plunge into this read.

#1 Make Birthday Collages




One of the best ideas featuring a custom print of photos is collages. As we all know, a collage is made by combining multiple pictures in a frame. So you can simply collect the best clicks of you and your friend to turn it into a genuine layout.


In fact, you can also combine prior birthday clicks for that much-needed throwback! Find out the best birthday pictures and get them customized into a perfect collage.


You can also modify the frame patterns and colors at your convenience. That way, your memories will stay protected as well. We love the standard black and white frames for



#2 Birthday Foam Tiles


If you want to turn your photo prints into something unique and convenient for your friend, go for foam tiles. They are a feasible way to hang pictures on the wall. Not only are they removable, but also lightweight and versatile.


The stylish outlook of these tiles is likely to add that charm to the photo print. Besides, the sticky adhesive pads ensure that the tile is well secured on the wall.


The blend of high-quality printing on these foam tiles can turn out to be a great birthday gift! Decide a theme for their special day to enhance the layouts even more.

#3 Hexagon-Shaped Canvas


Another tactic to enhance the aura of a photo print is by giving them a particular shape or design. Usually, layouts are square or rectangular in shape.


But, how about hexagons? Aren’t they awesome too? The good thing is now you can get a canvas of the same shape.


All you need is to find a bunch of high-quality pictures and get them implanted on a hexagonal canvas. Ensure that the canvas is entirely premium and the photos are printed with high-quality ink.


As this layout makes the perfect display for walls, the gift could be used by them as a decorative. We would suggest you to check out their interior and wall colors for contrast. That way, your photo prints will go well with their room ambiance.

#4 Wall Displays




If you want something more unique in birthday photo prints, then wall displays could be the ideal option for you. It’s great, especially if you have childhood pictures with them. That way, you could sum up your entire journey in a particular order.


It’s also a good birthday gift idea for your better half. Be it your partner or spouse, the depiction of your beautiful relationship can allure their soul. Nowadays, there are distinct ways by which you could exhibit the pictures.


You could simply get a collection of vertical canvas or horizontal ones. For a more impressive appearance, blend in both. That’s good too!


As per the number of pictures, you can make an arrangement. From squares or rectangles to simply tangential, picking the suitable layout is entirely your call. 

#5 Simple Photo Print Canvas

Lastly, If your friend or loved ones are a simple person, the photo print canvas can be the appropriate pick. Not only are they elegant and timeless, but also light on the pocket. So, that’s a plus point.


Make sure to find the best pictures of you with your friends. For canvas, we would suggest indelible snaps that feature your happy or crazy faces. By such means, it will turn out to be a top-notch birthday gift with a hint of wit.


Just like any other design, you can customize the layout with canvas. However, make sure that the quality of ink used in the photo print and the canvas itself is peerless. 

Summing Up

That’s it. These photo print ideas are likely to make the ideal gift for anyone’s birthday. While these are some suggestions, you can always alter them as per your own preferences. Be it the frames or motifs; you could modify the layouts precisely!

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