How to choose the right IELTS Training Course in Dubai?

IELTS Training Course in Dubai

How to choose the right IELTS Training Course in Dubai?

The period of validity of the result is one of the major differences between the three diplomas. A Cambridge certificate is valid for the rest of your life, while the IELTS and TOEFL, simple reflections of your level of English at a time T, are only valid for two years IELTS Training Course in Dubai.

If you want to get a language diploma to prove your level and showcase your CV, a Cambridge English exam is probably the best choice. The IELTS and TOEFL exams are often more relevant for obtaining a visa, employment, or admission to university or faculty, where a certain level of English is require to be accept.

Of these two exams, IELTS is the most commonly use and request in the UK, while TOEFL dominates in America (there are some exceptions, however, and many institutions will accept both).

How is the exam going ?

Most people who choose the TOEFL exam take the online test (TOEFL iBT). This examination, carry out on a computer, lasts between three and four and a half hours (minus a ten minute break). The exam will allow you to test your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

In total, you will be able to get 120 points – 30 for each module. The score indicate on your certificate – valid for two years – will be between 0 and 120.

IELTS is also based on the four modules of Speaking

IELTS is also base on the four modules of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. A written test of 160 minutes, carried out without interruption, will allow you to test the first three modules (listening, reading and writing). . You will receive a grade between 1 and 9, and just like the TOEFL, the IELTS is only valid for two years.

The content of the Cambridge English exam depends on the type of exam you will be taking. Usually, a Cambridge exam lasts for two days. The first day covers reading, writing and listening. Each module lasts between one and two hours, depending on your level. The speaking part of the exam usually takes place on another day and lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Who delivers the exam?

The TOEFL certificate is issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a US nonprofit organization, while the IELTS is jointly “held” by the British Council , IDP Education and the Cambridge English Language Assessment . The degree is awarded by the Cambridge English Language Assessment , base at the University of Cambridge, England.

Where and when do I have to take the exam?

You can take any of the three exams (almost) anywhere in the world. On the websites of the various organizations, you will find the exam center closest to you and can even register for an exam online.

TOEFL and IELTS tests are offer almost weekly, while Cambridge English exams are only offer a few times a year, so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Remember that by taking a IELTS Training Course in Dubai with a language organization like EF, we will help you register for the exam and pass it, of course.

How to prepare for it?

Preparation is essential. Don’t underestimate the exam and start studying as soon as possible. You can do this on your own or through an online course. However, if you are really looking to improve and progress to achieve the best possible score, your major asset will be taking a language course.

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