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How can I become a millionaire?

If you have read many of my columns and articles or watched any of my videos, you already know that I am a strong supporter of becoming a millionaire. No, it is not an absolute necessity for a happy life. But if it makes a good lifestyle, you can do it. And you can. The only thing better than being a millionaire is a young millionaire. This will give you plenty of time in your life to enjoy the fruits of wealth.

It also opens up incredible options. As your wealth begins to grow, some opportunities may not happen otherwise. You may stumble upon a winning business venture that requires direct capital.

You may decide you want to transfer to another country. Or you may choose to live a life of extravagant isolation and retire. The bottom line is that being a millionaire transforms these possibilities into possibilities.

If you become a millionaire in the 30’s, those options will be available to you for most of your life. It’s a long order to become a millionaire in the 30s. How can you make it a reality?

Commit to Becoming a Millionaire

On the surface, this may seem like a “soft move” but it’s really the start of the whole journey. Becoming a millionaire is a long process that requires a change in both mentality and lifestyle.

For this to happen, you need to create virtually a mission statement. This statement – which should also be committed to writing – will describe the reasons you are a millionaire and the specific steps you plan to take.

You need to post it in a very public place and read it regularly. Part of how you change your mindset. You just have to be more distinguishing with the help you render toward other people.

There is not just one process that will make you a millionaire, but several. We’ll discuss them below, but to make them your reality you need to be committed every day from now until you reach your goal. According to Scott Wellness, founder of Fortress Planning Group and host of the West in Wealth podcast, “It all starts with focus.”

“You have to have the right mentality every day to be a millionaire in your 30s. If you keep the goal off target, you may not have enough time to make it happen. It needs the discipline to become a millionaire in your 30’s. ”

Get Your Spouse on Board

If you are married or planning, your own wife needs to bring both ideas and strategies to the board. The journey from being broken or close to it to Millionaire Status is a long one with many challenges. It is not good to do it alone.

No one is more influential than your wife in crossing the finish line – or protecting you from getting there. There will be many obstacles in the way of becoming a millionaire. You and your wife need to be united in your efforts.

The two of you together will take everything to resist external influences that will take you in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, husbands or wives do not always have the same yoke when it comes to money.

Your wife may need you by emphasizing the aspect of the payments that will be made with Millionaire Status. He or she will need that awareness to accept the sacrifice that will be needed.

Surround Yourself with People Who Can Help

It will also help if you have someone else in your camp besides your spouse. Look for people who are similarly motivated to become millionaires and meet regularly.

You can create something like a mastermind group to raise ideas and support each other. Forbes contributor and Chick CEO Stephanie Burns describe a mastermind group that “a group of smart people (who) meet daily, weekly, monthly and even if they come together to tackle challenges and problems together.

They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s a lot of peer-to-peer mentoring … ” Someone else in your orbit will want him to be a mentor.

Anyone is already where you want to go and willing to help you get there. It would be a great advantage to be friendly with a few self-made millionaires.

Live as Far Beneath Your Means as Possible

Pick a winning lottery ticket or get an idea for a once-in-a-lifetime investment from your life.

For most people, becoming a millionaire is less about a moon shot and more about a slow ascent. To become a millionaire you have to have two primary goals: save money and – if you are like most people – get out of.

The only way to do that is to dramatically reduce your living expenses. This allows you to differentiate between savings and debt repayment.

This is where the sacrifice part of becoming a millionaire in your 30s begins to hurt.

You can buy your friends MacMannians when you live in a labor-class apartment. Others will buy a brand-new car every five years when you are traveling in a 15-year-old Beater.

Still, others will take luxurious vacations abroad. You will receive suspension with a day trip to low-cost destination. To reach the status of a millionaire you need to have strict control over the biggest expenses in particular.

Not only will this enable you to reach your goals faster, but it also gives you more flexibility than a small expense, such as occasionally going out to dinner or attending a concert or sporting event.

“The average car delivery cost now more than 500 500,” Albuquerque warned CFP Jose Sanchez in New Mexico. “This is crazy! Unfortunately, dealerships are not educating you about the actual cost of owning a car.

Add gas, maintenance, licensing, taxes and fees, registration, tolls, tires and wheels and the number will leave you in disbelief at all the rubbish we bought for our car. It’s easily over $ 800! ”

If you plan to become a millionaire in the 30’s, it is absolutely necessary to live below your means. This is a strategy where your commitment needs to be strong. Everything else depends on your success with it.

Save an Uncomfortable Amount of Your Income

It is a sad reality that most people have little or no savings. Even those who save usually limit it to some comfortable percentage of income like 10%.

You need higher goals; 30%, 40%, 50% – or more. That’s the biggest reason to stay well under your way. The more successful the strategy, the easier it is to save an external percentage of your income.

For example, suppose you and your spouse earn $ 100,000 each year. You pay about $20,000 in taxes, leaving you with $80,000. If you save 30% of your income, you will save 30,000 per year.

It will still leave $ 50,000 for your survival. The cost of living today may take some time, but it is possible.

A large percentage should be allocated to savings with higher incomes. If you earn $ 200,000 per year, with $150,000 after taxes, 50% savings will be transferred to $ 100,000 savings.

Like the couple in the previous example, you will still have $ 50,000 to survive. If you could save $ 50,000 per year, and invest it at 7%, you would cross the million-dollar mark in just 13 years.

Fact Check

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