How Often To Water Your Lawn In The Summer?

Water isn’t life for humans only but it is for all kinds of life forms on the planet. Therefore, water is extremely important for plants as well. The grass is an amazing addition to the Water Your Lawn and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the grass plays an important role in keeping your front yard beautiful. The grass looks amazing but it has to be taken care of consistently. Otherwise, it would dry up or rot away based on your watering techniques.

That’s right it requires a very calculated amount of water-based on the season. Usually, sprinkler system contractors are hired to install an efficient system, but if the targeted area is extremely small a personal effort would suffice. Below you can a precise guide for watering the plants and it’ll help you take care of your grass in a better way.

Watering method

It’s true that watering is very important for the survival of grass, but a lot depends on the watering method as well. A few decades before people used to Water Your Lawn their plants and grass with manual methods. People used the water pipes to water the grass. This method consumed a lot of time given the targeted area. It is still an effective method but lawn sprinkler system installation companies strongly disagree with that. Such companies believe in technology and this is the tech era that’s why watering methods are revolutionized. The sprinkler is an impressive device that not only water the grass uniformly but saves a lot of water as well. Things are gone way ahead because now you can automate the whole system. You don’t have to start or shut down the system but it does everything on its own.

Overwatering and underwatering

Before you rush to water the grass, it is important to understand when to water and how much the grass requires. Because if you water more or little you would have to face either overwatering or underwatering. So, it is better that you clarify the situation at this point rather than going ahead without assessment. If you don’t water the grass or if the water dosage is not enough, then you’d start noticing cracks in the ground and the grass will dry up quite fast. The reason for that is the short roots of the grass that can’t reach the water in depth. Similarly, if you overwater the grass, it can rot away in no time and the ground would become a puddle. So, it is extremely important to talk to an expert and determine the correct dosage of water for the grass for every season.

Sprinkler check-ups

As discussed before that the sprinklers are an important part of the modern watering mechanism. Therefore, to maintain their optimal performance it is necessary to conduct frequent check-ups. There is a very good reason for that. Since the sprinkler has to stay in the ground the mud can stuck in the sprinkling holes and in the worst conditions the mold can take over the sprinkler. It would result in uneven watering and the efficiency would be reduced. Consequently, it would reduce the water dosage that would damage the grass silently. That’s why if the beauty of your lawn is dear to you, then always make sure that your sprinkler systems are working perfectly. If you can’t clean up the holes, then it’s better you get a replacement.

Watering frequency

It’s true that the grass has to be watered every once in a while, but do you know there’s a very specific way to do it. Since underwatering and overwatering will harm the grass it is important to find out the right watering frequency. Usually, the grass requires from 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week in summer. However, the experts recommend it doing it every second day for the best results. This would keep the moisture in the ground for a longer period and the roots can grow deeper. Doing it every day briefly isn’t a smart move because it would only bring harm to the grass.

Best time to water grass in summer

Watering frequency is important but the timing matters as well. You can’t just water the grass at any given time because there’s a risk of grass disease. That, why experts recommend avoiding doing it when the sun is up and in the afternoon. Because the water will evaporate too quickly and a huge amount will be lost. Similarly, Water Your Lawn doing it at night or in the evening isn’t a smart move either. This way water will not evaporate but will keep the ground wet unnecessarily and would attract pests. The ideal way to water the grass is in the morning before 9 AM. This would give the water ample time to get absorbed and the whole day to dry up.

Watering the grass may seem like a trivial matter but it is not. Grass adds to the beauty of your Water Your Lawn and it is sensitive in nature. A miscalculation would ruin the whole lawn in no time. If you have done something wrong mistakenly, then it is better you talk to an expert before it’s too late.

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