How Much Does It Cost To Build And Install A Fireplace?

Fireplace Installation Contractors

A fireplace has been warming up our abodes for quite a few centuries now. The HVAC system did replace it in many houses, but the older ones still have their very functional fireplace. Fireplaces are not only limited to old buildings, in fact new houses are also getting these conventional heaters installed in them. This is to add to the aesthetic appeal of a house, and also that still some people love the warming effect a fireplace has during the winter times. No technology can beat this effect. Family talking and laughing in the warm and cozy air of the living room, combined with some warm tea and nuts has a reminiscing impact. Who doesn’t want to remember the sleepovers at grandma’s in their childhood?

To add to the beauty of your hire Fireplace Installation Contractors. Installing a fireplace is very trendy, and gives a rustic yet chic look to the interior. With advancements in technology, different types of fireplaces have been introduced in the market to cater to your needs and preference. There are electrical, gas, and wood log fireplaces. The former two come with a variety of designs to heat and simultaneously enhance the overall look of your living room.

Fireplace Installation Costs:

Before you actually contact a Fireplace Installation Contractor to install a fireplace, make your proper research about if it can be installed in your home at all.  There are limitations to a fireplace in some areas where the government requires certain modifications prior to the installation of a fireplace in certain buildings. Checking the local building codes can help in this regard, which guides where and how you can bring changes to your home.

Fireplace costs vary depending on the type being installed.

  • Electric fireplace:

Can cost $150 to $2500 depending on the model, the manufacturing brand, and the features of the appliance. Design plays an important role in determining the price of a fireplace. The prettier ones are usually heavy on the pocket.

  • Gas fireplaces:

Are installed for $2500 and the most expensive ones can cost up to $4000.

  • Gas Log fireplaces:

In the case of gas log fireplaces, the logs are actually made up of ceramic and shaped in a way to imitate the appearance of real wood, but without the need to be replaced every now and then, and most importantly without creating a mess. These come with or without the need for a chimney to remove exhaust gases. The price range starts from $300 to $500. Those without a chimney can cost $400 to $600. The installation can cost around $250 or more, depending on the number of services you will avail of. For example, an already installed gas line will cost less, likewise, making repairs to a faulty gas line might cost you more.

  • Masonry fireplaces:

Are the most expensive ones, with the price ranging from $4000 up to $10,000. These fireplaces and their chimneys are actually built during the construction of a house. But, in case you don’t have a pre-built masonry fireplace, you might opt for a prefabricated fireplace. These are built off-site along with the chimneys and then installed in an existing house. These fireplaces cost around $2500. One can also build a new masonry fireplace in an existing home and that can cost you a lot i.e. around $10,000. In addition, you need to have a 12-14 inches space for the installation of the chimney. But, in case of no space inside the walls, experts will help by installing one in the corner of the room to help get the exhaust gases out and keep the air inside fresh.

  • Converting Masonry to Gas Fireplace:

Some people might want to convert their existing masonry fireplace to a gas fireplace and that can cost around $3500.

  • Installation Permit Costs:

Governments require building permits for a number of renovations and remodeling of a house.  Obtaining an installation permit for gas or masonry fireplaces is among one of them that can cost you somewhere around $500, or more.

Benefits of Fireplace Installation:

Wood Log Fireplaces are not only pleasing to the eye but have a range of benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Environment friendly:

Energy production creates huge amounts of pollutant gases. On the contrary, wood burning isn’t harmful for the environment to that extent.

  • Cuts down our energy expenditure:

Less use of electricity implies less money spent on bills.

  • Independency:

Wood log fireplaces make us less dependent on electricity and gas.

Fireplace repair services:

Fireplaces are prone to different types of damage, including water damage, degradation with age, damage caused by exhaust gases. Here are some tips to help you with choosing an adept Fireplace Repair service provider.

  • Popularity: Look for the one that has been able to make a name in the industry with its quality service.

  • Experience: the longer a contractor has served in the relevant department, the better will they serve you.
  • Insurance: ask the service provider about their insurance policy. Otherwise, you will land yourself in hot waters, if the worker gets into some kind of trouble and injures himself.


Ask the fireplace repair service provider to produce a certificate in order to guarantee their expertise in the field.

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