How Does Hydrovac Excavation Work?

The building construction projects involve many different aspects that eventually make the process easy and reliable. Some prerequisites are needed in the case of erecting a building on any land. There must be proper soil conditions that can assure the firm foundation to erect a building safely. Hydrovacing is one of those essential elements that can guarantee site safety to complete any construction process successfully. Hydrovac excavation is all about creating a solid foundation for your building by knowing what is under the land and how it will react when the construction project is completed?

What Is Hydrovac Excavation?

Before digging into the details of the hydrovac excavation, let’s see what it is and how does it work? In simple words, it is the safest type of excavation service that one needs before starting any construction project. What is unique in hydrovacing? Well! Here comes the exciting part, instead of using any mechanical tools or manual services, hydrovac excavation uses pressurized water that turns the soil into the slurry. A high-volume vacuum is then used to collect the slurry into a truck-mounted tank. The process is safer for the surrounding ground as well as there are minimal risks for the crew members.

How does a vac truck work?

Hydrovac excavation is a wonder of the mechanical industry where a vac truck is used to prepare any type of land for successful construction. All of these benefits are achieved by using high-pressure water and a high-volume vacuum. This machine has made construction easier and exceptional as now the foundation of any building can be laid in no time, guaranteeing a more extended lifespan.

Components of a vac truck

A vac truck comprises two major sections. One for digging a hole and using pressurized water to turn the dirt into slurry, then through the second section, a vacuum suction pump sucks out all the slurry. The slurry is then stored in the truck-mounted tank. This slurry is then safely moved to the dumpsites.  A vac truck can have different tank storage capacities and engine power.

Ground conditions

The most challenging part is the breaking down of the soil. The ground condition is critical when it comes to erecting a building. Unstable soil can cause issues during the process. Similarly, a rocky bottom can be too flimsy to erect a building. So, it is essential to remove the unstable soil for a longer-lasting foundation. Hydrovac excavation must be your top choice in this regard.  This process also requires a thorough inspection of the land as the underground wirings and water services can get damaged. After a comprehensive assessment and a green signal, the high-pressure water cuts through the soil and turns it into a slurry mixture. After that vacuum section gets activated and transfer the slurry into a debris tank.

Versatile options

There is one thing to notice, hydrovacing requires some high-end engines that will pass through the water to a longer distance. The high-pressure hoses and high-volume vacuum need significant strength from the engine. The high-end water jets and vacuum pressures are all that make a vac truck premium and commercial. A hydrovac truck is also unique because it can excavate the surfaces that are present in challenging locations. All you will need is a right type of equipment and a skillful crew. With all the latest techniques and versatile options, hydrovacing is undoubtedly an economical and eco-friendly way to prepare the land for building construction.

Why opt for hydrovac?

It is the safest option for excavation. A vac truck can work on every type of land and remove the ground surfaces without damaging underground utilities. This procedure utilizes water and air, so it is more environmentally safe than the other more conventional excavation options. It can be used for drilling, potholing, daylighting, and many other purposes. Above all, it is a highly cost-effective option that involves just two crew members and negligible damages to the surrounding structures.


Overall, the latest studies and onsite experiences made it clear that hydrovacing is the safest method for excavation. A faster and dynamic approach by using a vac truck makes the construction easier.

Erecting a sky-touching building without messing with unground utilities is possible. Hyrdovac excavation ensures a safer and longer-lasting foundation for your newly constructed buildings.

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