How Can Long Term Antiviral Protection UK Be Helpful in Pandemic?

Long term Antiviral Protection UK

Long term Antiviral Protection UK


The pandemic has indisputably created havoc for all. It is an acute respiratory syndrome that leads to severe illness and in some cases, death. For some the symptoms might be mild but for some, it can be deadly. According to the health experts, one needs to strengthen their immune system to fight this disease and follow some simple safety measures to prevent contracting it, in the first place.

There is a lot of speculation about this virus and how it spreads from person to person through close contact with an infected person and through surfaces as well. Although research is still going on about the authenticity of the virus spreading from surfaces, we have sufficient data to support that coronaviruses stay on surfaces for different time spans.

It will last for a few hours on plastic and might last for days on other surfaces. Thus, the need to avoid close contact and keep the surfaces disinfected and clean is very important. Just like wearing masks is helping largely, addition of Long term Antiviral Protection UK to your surfaces can be extremely useful.

Strategies to Prevent Contracting Covid:

Let’s have a look at some strategies and tips that one can inculcate in their daily lives to stay safe from this virus:

1. Wash your hands

We touch multiple surfaces throughout the day and all of them do not have long term antiviral protection UK installed in them. They aren’t disinfected regularly which increases your chances of contracting the virus.

Thus, cleaning your hands regularly is very important and helpful too. Doctors recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds at minimum. If you have touched various surfaces and don’t have water or soap nearby; it is best to use a hand sanitizer. It is a must have these days and you need to keep it along with you, wherever you go.

2. Try to maintain a distance

We all miss hugging our favorite people, don’t we? But for now, we need to stop doing so. This is an easy way to get coved as it is easily transmitted through close contact. Don’t shake hands because you never know how clean the other persons’ hands are. Skin to skin contact just doubles up the transmission possibility.

3. Disinfect your surfaces

This is where Long Term Antiviral Protection UK comes in to help you. Disinfecting your surfaces regularly is mandatory now. We all want our offices and homes to be clean of germs and possible bacteria’s and viruses. And as you might never know about who is carrying the virus, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself safe.

Long term Antiviral Protection UK
Long term Antiviral Protection UK

Since years, hospitals and clinics have been using Long term Antiviral Protection surface coatings to keep the paramedic staff healthy. These surfaces are cursed with the idea of proper disinfection as they kill germs, bacteria and viruses on their own. It is definitely the need of the hour right now.

4. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing

This is one of the most common precautions to take for yourself and others around you. The highest amount of virus is the one that resides in the nose and mouth. When you sneeze or cough, the virus comes out in the air in the form of droplets.

This is the highest and quickest way of being transmissible for others. Even when you cough openly with surfaces Quaternary Ammonium Silicone being ahead of you, the virus stays there for a good amount of hours or even days. Thus, cover your nose and mouth whilst coughing and sneezing.

It is best to do so in a napkin and dispose of it quickly in the dustbin. As this bacteria can remain on the surfaces, installing long term antiviral protection UK coatings can bring a lot of prevention. This is why a huge amount of buildings and offices with huge people exposure, are now opting for these surfaces.


The pandemic is changing the way we live and do things but as for now, at least till the virus doesn’t lose its strength; we all need to contribute to the world to keep ourselves and others safe. With little changes and precautionary changes, a huge change can be made. We recommend getting long term antiviral protection UK surface coatings installation in offices, buildings and even in homes to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. They can really make a huge difference.

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