How Buying Timeless Wardrobe Pieces Can Help Save The Environment

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Every single thing that you use has an impact on the environment. Whether it is the food you eat, the appliances you use, or the clothes you wear, it leaves a footprint on the planet. And with the current state of the environment, it is important to find ways to live more sustainably.

One of the changes you can make is by investing in timeless wardrobe pieces from brands like Silk Laundry that make clothes meant to be worn over and over again. Their pieces are made with quality fabrics and simple designs that could be worn regardless of the year.

Currently, there is a trend of buying timeless pieces because of the reduced purchasing power of consumers due to the pandemic. But more importantly, investing in all-around basic timeless clothing is one step in the right direction towards living a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle that can benefit the environment.

Not yet convinced? Here are some reasons why buying timeless clothing pieces is helping save the environment:

Reduces waste

When you buy clothing made from high-quality fabric and materials, you are ensured that it will stand the test of time. And if the cut and style are classic and timeless and become a staple, you can pair them off with different accessories or other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Staple pieces, unless they are damaged and become unwearable, will be hard to let go of and throw away, effectively reducing your waste.

Reduces pollution

Producing a single piece of clothing takes several processes: from the planting of the raw materials to the processing of that material, the transportation of the materials, and the manufacturing process of that piece of clothing. Unfortunately, all those processes contribute to either water, soil or air pollution. So if you invest in high-quality, timeless pieces of clothing, you are ensured that they would last longer, eliminating the need for you to buy clothes over and over, thus contributing to pollution.

You Help Save Natural Resources

Are you aware that it takes about 2,700 litres of water to produce the cotton needed to manufacture your favourite t-shirt? Imagine how many people with no access to drinking water can be helped by that much water.

In addition, cotton also consumes about $2-3 billion worth of pesticides every year, and that cotton consumes more pesticides than any other agri-crop. That pesticide runs off in bodies of water near cotton fields, leading to not only destruction of the marine life there but the body of water as well.

If you buy timeless wardrobe pieces from brands like Silk Laundry, whose principle evolves around sustainability, you are helping conserve valuable natural resources which can serve generations to come.

You Help Save Energy

Greenhouse emission mostly comes from manufacturing factories; but did you know that other than the huge carbon footprint factories have on the environment, they are also one of the largest energy consumers? An estimated 80% of the total energy consumption in the fashion industry is from textile manufacturing factories alone.

Energy is used to run sewing machines, air pumps to light up the production line and power security measures within the compound. So buying classic pieces of clothing that will last a long time will help save energy.

Better Labor Practices

Humans are the stewards of the environment. But there are labour issues attached to the different steps in manufacturing clothes; from farming, when children are sometimes forced to work in cotton fields, to textile and clothes manufacturing where there are sweatshops in countries like Bangladesh, India, and China where children are forced to do labour in exchange for a low salary. There is also the issue of the health of labourers and their families who live near farms or the inhuman conditions in some factories.

When you support brands working towards sustainability, you are also saving the lives of the labourers in the manufacturing industry. And saving their lives can mean more stewards of stewards to care for the environment.

While it may seem like buying timeless clothing pieces is more expensive, it is more cost-effective in the long run because you would be buying less. You would be surprised with how much your credit card bill will amount to after all those swipes you have been doing from buying cheap, trendy clothing. So invest in classic pieces to save money and help save the environment.

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